To the Editor:


“And you also happen to go to a school [in a town] that for a long time has suffered from a chronic unwillingness to come together and make tough choices.” President Obama’s recent slip-of-the-tongue in reference to energy policy, in our very own McDonough Gymnasium, has stimulated more conversation about its validity than error.

One of the more enlightening (literally) proposals circulating for the highly anticipated allocation of the Student Activities Fee Endowment is Georgetown Energy’s idea to install solar panels on 45 townhouses. If this passes, the university will throw its name into the vastly and exponentially growing pool of universities prioritizing sustainability on their campuses, yes, but the real light at the end of the tunnel for part of the $3.4 million is the student benefit.

Even though students initially paid into this endowment with the idea that the money would go straight back to student activities, this $3.4 million sum represents a real chance to invest in our university, and add value to our education during our time here at Georgetown. In addition, the entire cost of our panels will be entirely recouped, plus more (a staggering 180 percent over 20 years, about $458,000). These funds can then be put back into another proposal, project, or go straight back into Student Activities.

And like Mr. Obama said, “I don’t know how well you’re doing on campus, Mr. President. “

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