If anyone claims that they’ve never danced to “I Love It,” you know that he or she is lying. Regardless of where it’s playing, you’ll see people jumping up and down, screaming “I don’t care!” With the release of their second album This Is … Icona Pop — also known as This Is … — Icona Pop is out to prove that they are no one-hit wonder.

As someone who felt slightly annoyed by Ke$ha’s catchy pop and Avicii’s dominance of every club, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this Swedish duo’s 11-track album. Frankly, I turned my nose up at all that electro-pop for being unoriginal and boring, something to never listen to outside of a party. But, like 98 percent of the campus population, I became hooked to “I Love It,” and I have to admit, pretty much every other track on the album.

There is something so refreshing about hearing club music that doesn’t resort to obvious misogyny and lyrics telling all the girls to grind or look sexy. The catchy, yell-’em-out lyrics featured in every track make them the kind of songs you actually want to get up and dance to. The energetic beats of “Ready For the Weekend” and “All Night” make it impossible to not feel uplifted and motivated. These tracks make for the perfect Sunday afternoon work music, on days when you really just want to be in bed, but a week of procrastination has forced you into Lau. If nothing else, these songs will keep you alert while you slave over the essay that’s due tomorrow morning.

Unlike a lot of club music at the moment, Icona Pop has actually produced an album that is fun. A lack of variety in style is compensated for by the catchiness of nearly every song. The lyrics may be simple, but there is a great deal of power behind them. Do not be fooled by the mostly upbeat feel of the tracks, which goes hand-in-hand with the defiant and sometimes angry messages. “We Got the World” chastises those who would “say you’re a freak when we’re having fun, say you must be high when we’re spreading love.” Icona Pop presents a musical defense for being yourself in two lines that is far more convincing than any of Lady Gaga’s songs. Think of Katy Perry with a tougher edge, and you’re getting close to the sound of this album.

This Is … is the album to listen to even if you don’t consider yourself as a fan of electro-pop. This duo has taken their punk and alternative music influences seriously, and their album is in no way just another pop club music playlist. I’m not saying this is an album to sit down and listen to intensely, and I don’t think that is the album’s intention. It’s the music to listen to when you’re in the kind of mood that needs a soundtrack. Feeling mellow? Put on “Just Another Night.” Had a tough day and need to get in the mood to go out and have fun? “Girlfriend,” or to be honest, any track from the album is worth a play. These tracks are just what you need to feel energized.

No one can argue with an album that puts you in a good mood, and Icona Pop pulls it off expertly. They dominated the summer soundtracks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this album ends up ruling the rest of the year.  Fight it if you want, but it is an inevitable truth that these girls will get you dancing and singing the lyrics to yourself in the shower. And you’ll love every second of it.

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