Three former employees of Epicurean and Company are suing their employer for violating the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Kimberly Jandrain, an attorney for Epicurean, said her client denies the allegations and plans to contest the charges.

The three plaintiffs filed a civil case July 30 against Vigor Restaurant, LLC, RC CT Avenue Restaurant, LLC and Chang Wook Chon in the District of Columbia District Court. Vigor Restaurant is the name used by the Georgetown branch of Epicurean and Company and RC CT Avenue Restaurant refers to the Connecticut Avenue location. Chon is the proprietor of both restaurants.

According to the complaint, the defendant failed to maintain accurate time records and did not compensate employees at the mandated overtime rate. One of the plaintiffs, who worked at both the Georgetown and Connecticut Avenue locations, alleged that she was not paid for overtime work at all.

The three plaintiffs are being represented by Darin Dalmat, a lawyer with James & Hoffman, a firm that specializes in labor and employment law. The plaintiffs seek to recover unpaid overtime compensation, liquidated damages, interest, declaratory and injunctive relief and attorneys’ fees and costs.

A similar suit was filed against Vigor Restaurant and RC CT Avenue Restaurant by four employees in 2010. The lawsuit, which was brought as a collective action case, was eventually resolved by a settlement in which the defendant agreed to provide about 12 former employees with compensation for unpaid wages dating back to 2007.

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