TedXRisk-taking is frightening — but it should be pursued by students. So stood the premise of this year’s TEDxGeorgetown conference. Speakers, including students, alumni, faculty and public figures, discussed the role of risk-taking in their achievements, failures and inspirations. They related their experiences and what it means to break away from the status quo, from the familiar and comforting.

To continue the dialogue that began with this year’s conference, The Hoya has gathered op-eds from a selection of speakers to complement their talks.

An Ode to Princess

Darius Baxter (COL ’16): Even though Princess was a dog, I admire her spirit. I can only hope to live being able to stand by every decision I ever make. I can only hope to die without any regrets in my heart.

Journeying Through a Refugee Crisis

Elijah Jatovsky (SFS ’16) had the opportunity to retrace my family’s escape route following his senior year of high school in 2012, but little did he realize then that two years later he would step foot amid a modern-day refugee crisis of similar proportions 2,000 miles away in the Middle East.

How I Came to Georgetown

Margot Keale (NHS ’16) decided that she would tell a story that she rarely (read: never) talks about. It’s the story of how she got to Georgetown. It’s about the risk she took in coming to this school.


Just One of Millions

Patrick Lim (SFS ’16): Sami is just like you and me; he has a family and loved going to school. But his life changed when the Syrian Civil War started. He began living in the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan for years, fearful and uncertainty of what the next day and his future would look like.​

Finding Out Who You Are

Isvari Mohan (LAW ’17): The truth is I hate the question “Who are you?” mostly because I don’t have an answer. I’m good at writing and good at math. I’m bad at sports and history and driving. I like pretty dresses and singing, and also motorcycles, astrophysics and everything Marvel. So what’s the one thing I am? I don’t know.

The Principles of Embracing Risk

The most common words associated with risk were “danger,” “loss,” “chance,” “uncertainty,” “reward” and “opportunity.” It is the last meaning MSB Associate Dean Norean Sharpe focuses on here — how can we view risk as an opportunity to improve our lives — and more importantly, the lives of those around us.

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