Georgetown’s Class of 2018 accepted 14 percent of early applicants this past week, an acceptance number that remains largely unchanged from years past.

Of the 6,734 applicants who applied early action, the university accepted 955, slightly more than the 13 percent early acceptance rate for the Class of 2017.

“Happily we can say we’re doing very well,” Dean of Admissions Charles Deacon said. “We don’t do things that would pump the numbers way up there — we’re lucky to have this many people who would apply to us.”

The early action class reflected a diverse applicant pool, with students admitted from 46 states and over 30 countries. At the same time, California and New York continued to generate the highest number of applications, with New Jersey a close third.

Deacon emphasized that the university has long recognized that early admissions programs benefit more advantaged students and is careful to choose whom it admits under this selective program.

“We generate a much higher percentage of our applicant pool from early action. We understand that early action benefits the advantaged, and our commitment is not to over admit from that pool,” Deacon said.

While Georgetown does not have a binding early admissions program, Deacon anticipated that more than half of those students admitted would eventually commit to the university.

“We hope to win close to 60 percent of them,” he said.

This is the first year that Georgetown has refrained from using the standardized student evaluation form available through the software provider Naviance and has asked high school counselors and teachers to submit a customized report for each applicant.

Deacon expressed that the individualized system gave admissions officers an even more complete insight into candidates and placed an increasing emphasis on the value of teacher recommendations.

“It’s really helpful because it enlarges our view of the person,” Deacon said. “We admitted a certain number, but I think who actually got in was even more thoughtful based on the information we received.”

Accepted students had average SAT scores of 700-770 and 690-770 on the reading and math portions of the test, respectively, with most students falling in the top 2 percent of their graduating classes.

Like their counterparts admitted under regular decision, early action admittees will have until May 1st to commit to the Georgetown Class of 2018.

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