The Corp’s plan to open a café in the Davis Performing Arts center has been cancelled after setbacks. Another Corp location, however, is getting a makeover for the coming academic year.

While the Davis Center location had been set to open in early 2010, the project faced planning difficulties that affected the original timeline. Officers of The Corp have terminated the project, which Chief Executive Officer Brad Glasser described in an interview in January as a “totally new” venture.

At that time, Glasser said that the café’s progress was not at the point in its development that it needed to be for the original 2010 opening date.

idnight MUG, on the other hand, is getting a facelift.

According to Jon-Michael LaGray (COL ’11), the store director of Midnight Mug, no heavy construction is involved in the redecoration. The location will receive new furniture and decor.

LaGray said Midnight MUG’s upgrade is not related to the cancellation of the Davis Performing Arts Center location.

“These are two very separate instances that could have gone forward independently,” he said.

Glasser was unable to be reached for further comment.

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