1451 P St. NW


Sourcing ingredients from family farms, the product atPitango Gelato is not your average ice cream. Traditional flavors like gianduja (chocolate hazelnut), stracciatella(vanilla with chocolate chips) and pistachio keep customers flowing through the doors, although crema is a must-try. New flavors, like black tea, constantly appear on the menu. Try the affogato: a double shot of espresso or hot chocolate topped with a scoop of your favorite gelato.


Ted’s Bulletin

505 Eighth St. SE


While Ted’s Bulletin is not solely dedicated to dessert, its homemade pop-tarts make it worthy of being considered a dessert hot spot. Living up to expectations, the signature pastry is warm and flaky and oozes delicious fillings from classics like chocolate and strawberry to more adventurous combinations like strawberry lemonade and peanut butter bacon. The blueberry cheesecake flavor is decadent, while cinnamon brown sugar paid proper homage to its inspiration.


Olivia Macaron

3222 M St. NW


After hype for Olivia Macaron circulated around campus for the past few months, it is finally open and serving up delicate French cookies. It offers some of the usual favorites — vanilla and salted caramel — but also some different flavors like coconut and red velvet. The macarons are delicate, subtly sweet and encapsulate their promised flavors without being too overpowering. As every Frenchmacaron should be, the cookies are light yet chewy, with the perfect wafer-to-filling ratio. The shop sells its cookies individually but also offers beautiful black and white boxes, perfect for when you’re looking to give a gift.


Liquid Desserts:

Good Stuff Eatery, Pinkberry

Good Stuff Eatery and Pinkberry offer the perfect way to enjoy dessert on the go. For those looking for that traditional yet sinfully delicious milkshake, Good Stuff Eatery is the place to go. Some of the most popular flavors include toasted marshmallow and salted caramel. For anyone looking for a healthier drink, Pinkberry’s line of Greek-yogurt smoothies satisfy any sugar craving with nearly half the calories of a milkshake. The mixed berry, consisting of fruit mixed with tangy Greek yogurt, is a great choice. Pinkberry also blends its frozen yogurt with fruit to create strawberry pomegranate and chocolate banana.

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