In an attempt to ease the semi-annual preregistration hassle, Students of Georgetown, Inc. launched a beta version of Classy on Tuesday.

Classy is a three-step tool that aims to make the MyAccess system more student-friendly. The class list is easier to read, with course descriptions popping up on the page rather than opening a new page as on MyAccess. Classy creates mock schedules, as many students currently do on computer calendars, based on students’ chosen courses and consolidates courses by class reference number in order to facilitate comparing class times. In addition, class descriptions list faculty evaluation results and contain direct links to MyAccess, course evaluations and Rate My Professor.

“There was a need for a more efficient way to preregister,” Corp Marketing Director Emily Coch (COL ’15) said.

Classy, which was written entirely by The Corp’s Information Technology department, was finalized the week before preregistration began.

According to Chief Information Officer Lisa Davis, the idea for Classy began in November during the University Information Services-hosted Hackathon.

“The Corp’s IT and marketing team has taken the initiative and owned the continued development of the Classy app since the Hackathon,” Davis wrote in an email.

Corp IT General Manager Jonah Joselow (COL ’15) said he hoped that Classy would allow students to focus on the important parts of preregistration.

“It’s quicker,” Joselow said. “The major problem we wanted to solve is that, normally, kids have multiple tabs or windows open and are drawing on paper and a lot of that is removed from what we put together.”

Coch agreed and hoped that the new program would allow students to focus more on the content than scheduling of prospective classes.

According to Davis, The Corp was in constant communication with Provost Robert Groves and University Registrar John Pierce through the developmental process.

“UIS worked with them to help bring together the appropriate stakeholders from across the university to expedite this initial beta launch during the spring preregistration period,” Davis wrote. “I see our role in Classy’s development as an example of UIS’ role to facilitate innovation on Georgetown’s campus.”

So far, Classy has received more than 3,000 unique page views.

“Based on the feedback from social media people seem to be really excited about it,” Joselow said.

Despite this tentative early success, however, Joselow said that the university wanted Classy to be used in conjunction with MyAccess, MyDegree and academic advisers.

“This is uncharted territory for the university,” Joselow said. “They are still formulating how they want this to go.”

Joselow said this first preregistration season would test the beta program’s usefulness and effectiveness, and The Corp would continue working on the design over the next months.

“We are looking forward to working with the university and UIS in specific about future plans,” Joselowsaid.

Christian Chung (SFS ’15) said that Classy helped him preregister faster because it combined information from various websites.

“Quite frankly I think it is something that the school should have attempted to develop a long time ago. I’m surprised that it took The Corp to really spearhead this effort, but regardless, I thought that it was really user-friendly [and] accessible,” Chung said. “The ability to really just centralize that all into one website was really helpful.”

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