To the Editor,

As a proud Hoya alum, class of 1984, I was alarmed by the article “Make Campus Accessible for All” (The Hoya, A3, Dec 4, 2015). I am a nationally recognized advocate for persons with disabilities. As a blind student, I faced and overcame many barriers. In those days, there was no organized advocacy for students with disabilities relative to enhancing the accessibility of the campus, physical, programmatic, academic or otherwise. I was very fortunate to have developed advocacy skills before arriving on campus. I grew up in New Jersey, where there was a Commission for the Blind. I was well prepared to adjust to the demands of college life, even more so than many of my fellow able bodied classmates.
I am shocked and ashamed that the university I love still needs to make significant progress in the accessibility arena more than 30 years after my time on campus. The issues mentioned in the piece should have been addressed fully decades ago. I applaud the efforts of the students to broaden support for these important civil rights issues.


Marc Kevin Wilkerson
CAS ’84

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