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  1. Jocelyn Cruz says:

    A very moving article that explained so much that it made sense of all the photos I have seen.

    Very touching.

  2. Lee AnnDodson says:

    What a beautiful piece of writing. Thank you. I never had the pleasure of knowing Kitt Rom and I wish I had. The news of his tragic accident hit me hard. I am an acquaintance of his father and also a parent. Very few people live as passionate and unbounded a life in eight decades as this young man did in nineteen years. May the torch of Light Kitt Rom emitted burn brightly in all the lives he touched. May we all be inspired by his joy, love, curiosity, and passion to live our lives with more awareness, generosity, and exuberance for the mysteries and miracles in this human existence. May his family, friends and acquaintances think of Kitt everytime they see something beautiful or sip an excellent cup of coffee…..and when one observes dust motes sparkling in a shaft of sunshine see Kitt dancing, swirling in the neverending sea of quantum waves and particles of Light and Love.

  3. Karen Whillock Mountain says:

    Such a tragic loss of a young man who obviously left a huge mark on his world. It is wonderful to see that his 19 years were so full of adventure and fun. Mark Rom, I’m so terribly sorry for your loss. That is the unimaginable.
    Karen Whillock Mountain

  4. What a beautiful article reflecting on the extra-ordinary life of the short yet full-of-adventure life this young gentleman lived. My thoughts and prayers are with the Rom family.

  5. What a beautiful remembrance. As the mother of a free-spirited, intelligent 18 year old son, I am both inspired and heartbroken. Blessings to this group of family and friends who mourn now. May you find comfort in one another and in this young man’s example of a life well-lived.

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