ALEXANDER BROWN/THE HOYA Former CEO of AOL Steve Case addressed the McDonough School of Business Class of 2014 at their commencement ceremony Saturday.

Case Encourages Entrepreneurship

Former AOL CEO Steve Case addressed the McDonough School of Business Class of 2014 in his commencement address Saturday, encouraging them to be bold and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit upon which America was built.


ALEXANDER BROWN/THE HOYA Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates (GRD '74) spoke at the SFS commencement ceremony.

Gates Issues Call to Public Service

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates (GRD ’74) urged members of the School of Foreign Service’s Class of 2014 to pursue public service and recognize the United States’ responsibility in the global arena Saturday.


ALEXANDER BROWN/THE HOYA AAAS CEO Alan Leshner spoke at the NHS graduation ceremony.

Leshner Touts Diversity in Career Paths

American Association for the Advancement of Science CEO Alan Leshner advised School of Nursing and Health Studies graduates to follow a non-linear career path and pursue what they love in his commencement address Saturday afternoon.



Consolmagno Emphasizes Education Beyond Graduation

Vatican astronomer Br. Guy Consolmagno, S.J., addressed the Georgetown College Class of 2014 in a speech this morning, focusing on the role of truth in education.


Commencement 2014 in Photos


ALEXANDER BROWN/THE HOYA Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew (LAW ’83) addressed graduates of the McCourt School of Public Policy in McDonough Arena on Thursday.

Speakers Boast Ties to Georgetown

After a months-long selection process led by the deans of each Georgetown school, commencement speakers for tomorrow’s undergraduate ceremonies include former Defense Secretary Robert Gates (GRD ’74), former AOL CEO Steve Case, Vatican astronomer Br. Guy Consolmagno, S.J., and American Association for the Advancement of Science CEO Alan Leshner.


ALEXANDER BROWN/THE HOYA Senior Class Fund Co-Chairs Elizabeth Abello (COL ‘14) and Peter Brigham (SFS ‘14) present $155,640.40 to University President DeGioia.

Seniors Celebrate Final Week with Record Gift

Graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2014 kicked off as graduating seniors presented a class gift of $155,640.40 to the university during the convocation ceremony Thursday afternoon.



In 4 Schools, 5 Valedictorians Honored for Achievement

This year’s five valedictorians and dean’s medal recipients, with a tie in the College, will be honored this weekend for their GPAs — four 4.0s and one 3.97.


COURTESY WALEED KHAN Forty-seven seniors received diplomas from SFS-Qatar on Saturday.

SFS-Qatar Graduates Sixth Class

Students at the School of Foreign Service in Qatar graduated Saturday, May 10 — a week before commencement for seniors at the main campus — in a ceremony attended by University President John J. DeGioia.




EDITORIAL: 1,382 Degrees of Gratitude

The champions and benefactors of our college experience deserve more thanks than we could express through mere words. Yet, on the most climactic day of college amid graduates’ own commencement, a moment of recognition is a good place to start.


Michelle Xu/The Hoya

ALBORNOZ: A University for All Seasons

“The seasonal tides of my Georgetown experience shed light on both the lows and highs of my undergraduate life. For all of its beauty and grace, Georgetown still testifies to transformational moments when I questioned my own happiness and sense of self.”


Alexander Brown/The Hoya

BOYDEN: The Mass That Showed Me the Way

Being at Georgetown has shown me what the truth is. I have discovered that, while having a prestigious job with a nice salary would be nice, the most important thing in life is to know, love and serve God.”


Alexander Brown/The Hoya

CAPECCHI: For Those Outside the Joe Hoya Mold

“While I came to Georgetown for the academics, I stayed for the uphill battles of self-discovery, community formation and social justice that I found on campus.”



Alexander Brown/The Hoya

CLEARY: Through Insomnia, Finding My Georgetown

“We all owe Georgetown thanks for the nights and days that taught the things we never even expected we wanted to know.”



Alexander Brown/The Hoya

EDEL: ‘In My Life’ at College, Memories of Authenticity

“The Beatles’ ‘In My Life’ strikes a deep chord. ‘There are places I remember / all my life though some have changed. / Some forever, not for better. / Some have gone and some remain. / All these places have their moments with lovers and friends. I still can recall. / Some are dead and some are living. / In my life I’ve loved them all.’”


Michelle Xu/The Hoya

KUMAR: 10 Ways the Hilltop Challenged Me

“As a preface to this senior commentary, I must admit I enjoy social media. If the 11 endorsements I have for social media skills on LinkedIn are not enough sway, perhaps the fact that I posted on social media continuously during finals week will convince you. It is only fitting, therefore, that as an ode to this love I discovered at Georgetown, I honor my senior commentary in the form of a BuzzFeed post. (Also, I am in the MSB. We don’t write paragraphs.)”


Alexander Brown/The Hoya

RAMADAN: Vocation Above Occupation

“To the undergraduates who are so lucky to have time left at this magical place, follow your passions. Work tons of hours at a job you enjoy, stay up until the sun rises studying what you love and spend time with company that makes you smile.”

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