5 Tasty Restaurants to Try in the District

Mikko Dupont Circle, $ Fans of Nordic cuisine can keep their summers fresh with smoked salmon wraps, Danish-style open-faced sandwiches and seven-seed bread at Mikko, a Finnish cafe run by chef Mikko Kosonen. Painted blue and white, the colors of the Finnish flag, the row house hosting Mikko is bright,[Read More…]


Escape the Summer Heat With These 4 Drink Spots

For the fierce coffee fiend: Tryst Coffeehouse Find seasonal blends crafted to perfection and enjoy an intense cup of joe in the cozy atmosphere of Tryst. Do not be fooled by the homey interior; Tryst is an edgy, back-to-basics cafe without the Starbucks-style sugary creations that cover up the coffee’s[Read More…]

WALTER: The Bonds Community Breeds

WALTER: The Bonds Community Breeds

I have been a graduate student at Georgetown University for nearly a decade. In 2009 I started a two-year master’s degree in Arab studies, and I am graduating this spring with a doctorate in Middle Eastern history after an academic career on the Hilltop that included four semesters as a[Read More…]

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GU Politics Funds Student Visit to Mexican Elections

Eight to 10 Georgetown students will be selected to travel to Mexico this summer to observe the country’s 2018 general election as part of a trip organized by Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service. GU Politics, with support from the School of Foreign Service, will sponsor and fund[Read More…]


Album Review: ‘My Dear Melancholy’

After solidifying his success with the 2016 Daft Punk-produced album, “Starboy,” The Weeknd returned to his musical roots with his March 30 EP “My Dear Melancholy,” characterized by moody beats and pained crooning. “My Dear Melancholy” cuts through the fluff of The Weeknd’s seemingly cool disinterest to reveal the beating[Read More…]

SHEEL PATEL FOR THE HOYA The core curriculum of the SFS will change to now include a science requirement and require students take fewer courses overall. The announcement comes after discussions began last year.

SFS Announces Major Changes to Core Curriculum

Significant changes to the School of Foreign Service core curriculum are set to go into effect for students entering in fall 2018, including a new mandatory science course and a reduction in the number of required economics courses. Daniel Byman, senior associate dean for undergraduate affairs, detailed the modifications in[Read More…]

Movie Review: ‘Palacios’

“No need to go anywhere,” Holly, a widow living in St. Louis, Mo.,  says after just discovering a young black man sleeping on her roof. “Just come eat the breakfast.” The young man she addresses, named Eugene, is on the run for reasons that are only revealed near the end[Read More…]

Sheel Patel for The Hoya

Photos: 2018 GUSA Executive Election Recap


Drug Issue 2018

Despite Pushback, Student Drug Use Continues Chronicling the Grass-Roots Fight for Legal Pot in DC Pressure to Succeed Leads Students to Drug Abuse US Opioid Epidemic Breaks Bodies and Minds Debunking Common Drug Myths Cigarette Use Does Not Vanish With Vaporizers Reconciling Drug Use With Ethics and Religion


Movie Review: ‘Black Panther’

★★★★☆ “Black Panther” is a visually stunning marvel with a stellar cast that elevates an uninspired script. The film follows the newly crowned king and superhero T’Challa as he returns home to Wakanda and is thrust into conflict with a foe who threatens his homeland. Rachel Morrison’s cinematography, Ruth Carter’s[Read More…]