Somebody Help Me, I Think I’m Becoming a Libertarian

Ages ago, when I was an undergrad at Georgetown, I was a content, optimistic liberal. Yes, there were lots of terrible problems in the world, but I thought governments could and should help solve them. Libertarians were anarchists in camouflage, for whom governments were the problem, not the solution. The[Read More…]

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Unjustified Lawsuit Threatens Free Speech

The lawsuit refuses to go away. A character named Bill Maniaci sued several Georgetown officials for $8 million in federal court last fall, alleging that he was manhandled during a controversial conference in spring 2006 (“PSM Attendee Files $8 Million Suit,” THE HOYA, Sept 22, 2006, A1). Today, the suit[Read More…]

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Resign, Ms. Bryant

Most students will never come to know Margie Bryant during their time on the Hilltop. As with many university administrators, her work takes place largely behind the scenes and out of the public eye. But as the associate vice president for auxiliary services, Ms. Bryant oversees an office with broad[Read More…]

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Tenure Track Isn’t Always Smooth, But It Works

Students at Georgetown — and at most universities — study with a variety of types of professors: tenured profs, tenure-track profs, visiting profs, distinguished profs in the practice of whatever, adjunct profs, administrator-profs and teaching assistants. What does it all mean? At the core of any university in the United[Read More…]

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Don’t Look to Iraq to Model Preventive Wars

It was reckless to engage in preventive war in Iraq. This is old news. But it raises four fundamental questions about the future of U.S. foreign policy that we must try to answer: Is preventive war ever justified? If so, under what circumstances? How can we, perhaps together with other[Read More…]

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Seeing the Hilltop From A Professor’s-Eye View

Have you ever wondered what it’s like lecturing to a room full of bright, often sleepy and sometimes skeptical students? I know professors seem omniscient, confident and in control. Well, don’t believe it. We know how smart Georgetown students are. We live in dread of a cheeky Hoya asking that[Read More…]

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Campus Groups Overshadow Hobbled GUSA

It’s all coming back to me now. For two years, I have tried hard to put the 2004 GUSA presidential election – and the very public controversy surrounding it – behind me. The disputed results of last week’s election, however, combined with some good old-fashioned senioritis, have led me to[Read More…]

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Fox’s O’Reilly Goes Too Far in Attacking GU

I’ll admit to being a conservative. I call Louisiana home, am staunchly pro-life and voted for Bush without a moment’s regret. Proudly, I’ll fess up to backing Israel over those who want to destroy her, democracy over tyranny, religiosity over secularism – as would most who identify themselves with the[Read More…]

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Expressing Gratitude, Waxing Poetic

Waxing on about the pure, ethereal quality of the college experience at Georgetown seems trite, or better yet, forced. Granted that is what writers must do, craft beauty out of the banal, but honestly I never feigned skilled writing. Yet, at the end of the blue and gray road I[Read More…]

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