A Liberal Education

My former student sent me a recent column published in Newsweek by its editor, Jon Meacham, on “liberal education,” the basics of which the students are supposed to receive here at Georgetown. The trouble is that few know what those basics are. Meacham, is taken both by Sewanee College in[Read More…]

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Writing on the Wall for Obamacare Bill

Writing on the Wall for Obamacare Bill

The whole thing reads like a political fairy tale: In a race to fill the seat of the Liberal Lion of the Senate, in arguably the most Democratic state in the country, with the fate of Ted Kennedy’s lifelong legislative aspiration literally hanging in the balance, a Republican surges from[Read More…]

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Obama One Year Later: Thumbs Up

**Pre-emptive Prize:** President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize – an award that drew more domestic criticism than approval. *Thumbs Down* **Sound Advice:** Obama followed the guidance of U.S. military leaders in his calculated decision to authorize a surge of 30,000 troops in Afghanistan. *Thumbs Up* **Life Saver:** The[Read More…]

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Cold Reception Alienates Guest

Georgetown’s Speech and Discussion Policy guides us in our approach to on-campus dialogue:”A university is many things; but central to its being is discourse, discussion, debate: the untrammeled expression of ideas and information. This discourse is carried on communally: We all speak and we all listen.” But we did not[Read More…]

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Charging for Credibility: The Future of Online News

Readers of The New York Times in 2011 will need a debit or credit card to access much of the newspaper’s online content. What is most surprising about this change is that it did not come sooner, for instituting an online subscription system will allow the Times to survive financially[Read More…]

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Lost in Translation, Late Grades Spur Confusion

If you’re planning to study abroad this semester, you’ve made progress. You’ve finished studying, conquered finals and returned home to begin your packing. You’ve had five semesters of your foreign language – and have purchased a pocket dictionary in case it fails you. You’re all set to travel to unknown[Read More…]

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Waste Not, Want Not: 3 Excuses to Go Green in 2010

In early January, everyone talks about New Year’s resolutions. To really succeed in following through with them, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to vague and easily forgotten promises – such as sleeping eight hours a night, reading the newspaper every morning or getting a 4.0 grade point average. Instead, resolutions ought[Read More…]

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On Listening With Enjoyment

A friend told me that she, her husband and her family were to spend time on the Mendocino coast in Northern California, where “it should be very cold and foggy, a refreshing change after D.C.!” This area was the site of her family home, near the church where she was[Read More…]

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Liberal Politics Blur the Line Between Right and Privilege

The concept of rights once commanded respect as a central tenet of our constitutional republic. No longer. Liberals, consistent with their tendency to attack every institution of the American tradition, fail even here to pay any tribute to this time-honored bulwark of liberty. Rather than as fundamental staples which rise[Read More…]

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Tidings From Georgetown’s Student Leaders

After a long, quiet summer here on campus, we can’t tell you how exciting it has been watching this place come back to life over the last few weeks. As student body president and vice president, we want to take this opportunity to update you on what GUSA has been[Read More…]

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