Democratic Hold Shaky in Arkansas

There’s something peculiar about Arkansas. While it is not quite dixie, not quite Midwestern, not particularly industrialized, wealthy, urbanized or populated, a defining characteristic of the Natural State has long been its fierce loyalty to the Democratic Party. From Orval Faubus to William Fulbright to Bill Clinton, some of the[Read More…]

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Teaching Theology a Must in Modern World

Teaching Theology a Must in Modern World

Georgetown has not been without its share of religious controversies in recent years. Conservatives claim Georgetown has forgotten its Catholic heritage with its support of initiatives for the LGBTQ community on campus, while liberals bemoan the school’s stance on issues related to abortion. Even President Obama couldn’t escape the criticism[Read More…]

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Student Employment at Risk in Jobs Bill

While most of us were in the midst of cramming for exams and drinking countless cups of coffee to stay awake last December, the House of Representatives passed the Jobs for Main Street Act. According to the Web site of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), the goal of[Read More…]

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Establish Snow Day Policy

This February’s Syracuse-like winter weather inconvenienced students, faculty and staff alike. The university and its employees should be commended for staying ahead of the storm, keeping sidewalks clean and ensuring the continuation of basic services at O’Donovan Hall and Lauinger Library. Its decisions to cancel the Presidents Day holiday and[Read More…]

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Round Two: Angert-Kluger for GUSA

Who do you choose in a battle between experience and fresh thinking? This year’s Georgetown University Student Association presidential election pits achievement against untested but impressive enthusiasm. The ambitious goals put forth in the campaigns have upped the ante when it comes to improving student life. Each of the four[Read More…]

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Redeal Card Check Legislation

In the days when I was a registered Independent, I used to say that the Christian right scared me away from the Republicans, and the Democrats’ powerful union allies made me queasy. As I’m now fully aware, my attempt at evenhanded parallelism was unfair to unionized Americans. Still, my attitude[Read More…]

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Scheduling Change

First, I want to thank Provost James O’Donnell for his efforts during what surely must be a stressful week. He and his staff are to be commended for their continued efforts to make our Georgetown learning experiences as valuable as possible, and his efforts to find new ways to connect[Read More…]

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If It’s Not Broken…

I will never forget my first Georgetown University Student Association Senate meeting as a newly elected senator in my junior year. We went to an ornate room in Healy Hall and congratulated each other for being so esteemed. It was a microcosm of the old-style GUSA: A bunch of resume-packing[Read More…]

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Realities of Snowpocalypse

Hearkening Back to Snow Day Exhilaration of Childhood

Snow days are magical. As a kid growing up in Chicago, I cherished snow days because they were so elusive. There was not lack of snow, but the city was well bolstered against most types of weather attacks. If a snowstorm hit, but the snow stopped falling by the wee[Read More…]

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Examine Motivation Behind Push for Progress

While Georgetown students are told that they can specialize in almost any imaginable combination of subjects, there is one course of study that they cannot avoid: competition. Students and faculty alike are in a constant state of agitation to remain a step ahead of the competition. We are all engaged[Read More…]

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