A Move to Fight Drug Prohibition

EARLIER THIS WEEK, ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC Holder announced that the federal government would continue to prosecute marijuana-related crimes even if Proposition 19, a California ballot proposition for the legalization and potential taxation of marijuana, passes. It looks like Californians plan on calling Holder’s bluff. Prop. 19 is up in both[Read More…]

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Coburn’s Haiti Aid Opposition Misrepresented

To The Editor: Bethany Imondi’s viewpoint “Aid to Haiti Should Not Be Political” (The Hoya, Oct. 8, 2010, A3) exemplifies what is wrong with liberals on campus. Instead of doing independent research about current issues, they simply parrot what they have read on leftist websites such as MoveOn.org and ThinkProgress.org.[Read More…]

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Hovering Too Low

As Parents Weekend commences, it’s important to remember that as much as students may appreciate having involved parents (and as much as parents may love being involved), the incessant whirring of helicopter parents is not a pleasant sound – and it’s only getting louder. According to Kaplan Test Prep and[Read More…]

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GOP Success Hinges On Latino Voters

I’ve recently been thinking about something I call the “50-50 Initiative.” I believe the Republican Party can, and must, adopt an aggressive policy dedicated to the following vision: By 2050, at least 50 percent of Latinos should be consistently voting Republican. Forty years is a long time, but the GOP[Read More…]

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Does Facebook Build or Dissolve Friendships?

In the middle of Joseph O’neill’s 2008 novel “Netherland,” Hans, the main character, sits down at his computer. His wife has just left him and taken their only son with her to London. Hans, lonely and morose, gazes at the screen. “Flying on Google’s satellite function,” he recalls, “night after[Read More…]

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American-Israeli Relationship Crucial to Peace Negotiations

The Middle East peace process has taken a variety of turns over the past two months. Americans have watched with cautious optimism as the negotiations have ebbed and flowed. Though progress this year now appears elusive, Americans should refrain from turning their backs on peace or disengaging from the Middle[Read More…]

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A Smarter AlcoholEdu

AlcoholEdu may be a rite of passage for students, but it’s time to shake up the close to three-hour ordeal. Designed to provide alcohol safety education, AlcoholEdu perennially becomes a running joke among new students – even if the lessons conveyed are essential on a college campus. The university requires[Read More…]

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University Alcohol Policy Needs Objective Reform

There has been a surge in write-ups for alcohol violations this fall according to Judy Johnson, the director of the Office of Student Conduct. The university has had a modern alcohol policy since 1987, but it seems now that it is more strictly enforced than ever before. The university may[Read More…]

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Aid to Haiti Should Not Be Political

The amount of money the United States pledged last spring in emergency aid to Haiti following the devastating earthquake: $1.15 billion. The amount of money that has since gone to Haiti to assist in the aftermath of the tragedy: $0. It has been nearly nine months since the disaster in[Read More…]

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Failure to Communicate

Last Thursday, the campus was thrown into a state of anxiety after a lengthy and detailed email, sent to the entire university community, told of a “possible noose” found in the subbasement of Healy Hall. When word broke the next day through campus media that the rope was, in fact,[Read More…]

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