Sparring Over Tax Cuts

The end of midterm elections does not signal a break from intense politicking. Beginning in January, the new Republican House majority and the diminished Democratic Senate majority will be faced with a pressing task: determining the future of the Bush tax cuts. The cuts, which are scheduled to expire at[Read More…]

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Dissecting the Election

It has been one week since the mid-term elections. In that time, pundits and analysts have attributed the significant Democratic losses in Congress to anti-incumbent sentiment, voter dissatisfaction with the economy, the polarized health care reform debate and federal government overreach. President Obama referred to the results as a “shellacking.”[Read More…]

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Village A Burglaries: DPS Response Falls Just Short

The recent, unsettling string of Village A apartment burglaries has prompted a speedy and multi-pronged response from the Department of Public Safety. Unfortunately, DPS’ enthusiasm has been somewhat misguided. In a memo sent to Village A residents last week, the Office of Residence Life and DPS outlined three steps that[Read More…]

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Protect Video Game Rights

Very few people could have foreseen video games gracing the chambers of the U.S. Supreme Court, but it happened last week. The case, Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Merchants Association, is the state of California’s latest attempt to curtail minors’ access to violent entertainment. But it is not an isolated case: Depending[Read More…]

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Where Have All the Activists Gone?

Last spring, I came to the conclusion that political activism, in the stereotypical sense, is dead. This realization came after the intense backlash to the Plan A protesters. Sure, they chained themselves to John Carroll during a Georgetown Admissions Ambassadors Program weekend. But despite Georgetown’s Jesuit identity, many students actually[Read More…]

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The Heart of Language In a Post-Spellcheck World

Spelling matters. If you don’t believe me, just ask the Poles. This week, they created a minor international incident over a spelling conflict. In Lithuania, there is an ethnic minority of around 200,000 Poles who as citizens of that country possess Lithuanian passports, marriage certificates and other official documents. For[Read More…]

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Promote Student Interests in the District

Thanks to outgoing commissioner Aaron Golds (COL ’11), Georgetown’s Jesuit and Residential Life communities, and our university’s support, I was elected Georgetown’s student representative to Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E on Tuesday. Yet, due to the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics and neighbors’ successful gerrymander of our ANC districts, I[Read More…]

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New Party, Same Issues

On Tuesday, millions of Americans – hundreds of Georgetown students among them – cast their ballot in the midterm elections. Showing their dissatisfaction with the state of the country, they voted out the current majority party in a marked show of protest. Yet the work has just begun for the[Read More…]

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Artificial Intelligence

It may have a cute nickname – Addy – and a loyal following, but there’s nothing cute about abusive use of Adderall. Abuse of Adderall is not just dangerous; just like steroids in sports, when illegally abused in order to gain an edge, it amounts to cheating, As THE HOYA[Read More…]

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On Missing the Fall Semester

Thanks to a kind article by Lauren Weber (“Recovering From Jaw Cancer, Schall Will Miss Fall Semester,” THE HOYA, Aug. 31, 2010, A1), many know that I am out for the fall semester due to a combination of jaw cancer and asthma. Try to avoid both! Some scientists hint that[Read More…]

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