It’s Been So Long

After last year at Georgetown, the words victory and football rarely found themselves in the same sentence. Yet, after talks of cutting the 136-year-old program, time has been a saving grace. This season has proven more than the team’s worth – it has showcased their recently harnessed talent.After a winless[Read More…]

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Students Should Work To End RJC Suspension

Georgetown students have a hair-trigger ability to raise a fuss over any injustice, be it on campus or in a far-away country. So why is it that the Residential Judicial Council, a student-run council that acts as a judicial arm of the Office of Student Conduct and Residence Life, can[Read More…]

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Getting to Know Bombay, Again

After two years away in Washington, it had become time for me to revisit my birthplace. Being at college can be engrossing, especially as an international student hobnobbing with others from around the globe. I decided in March that I had to get back in touch with India. In particular,[Read More…]

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Gender Challenges Still Plague the Third World

As two female Georgetown students from the United States, we often forget to reflect on the fundamental opportunities we have by virtue of our birthplace. We were born in a country that, while not perfect, places high value on women’s empowerment. Every day we enjoy three full meals, whether from[Read More…]

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Change the Channel

For college students eager to savor any opportunity to relax, access to quality cable TV is a perennial concern. The university has long offered a single cable option to students living in on-campus residence halls and apartments. Last year’s campus-wide switch to provider RCN, however, leaves us asking for more.[Read More…]

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Serving With Humility

Give yourself a pat on the back – you have worked hard to get to where you are in life. In high school, you were probably near the top of your class, were president of nearly every club and did one-gazillion hours of service. At Georgetown, you may have already[Read More…]

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Israeli Control Inhibits Palestinian Reconciliation

I highly recommend that you visit Israel. It really doesn’t get enough credit. One of Israel’s top selling points is its location at the junction between East and West. In Tel Aviv along the beautiful beaches, you could be in any major European city, judging by the nightlife and cosmopolitan[Read More…]

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French Burqa Ban Represents Islamophobia

The debate over Islam’s place in France has been at the forefront of national conversation in the past six years. The climax came 10 days ago when the French National Assembly approved a bill that severely infringes upon religious expression. Last Tuesday, the French government passed a hotly contested ban[Read More…]

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Soda Tax Falls Flat

Whether you call it soda, pop or Coke, your favorite soft drinks will soon cost you more inside the District. The D.C. Council has slapped a 6 percent city sales tax on all artificially and sugar-sweetened beverages, including sports drinks, sodas and energy drinks. Doing so has placed an unnecessary[Read More…]

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American DREAM

Congress will kickstart debate this week on a bill that could open doors for thousands of U.S. students in search of something we know well: a college education. The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act aims to remove some of the barriers blocking children of undocumented immigrants[Read More…]

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