Opening Doors for Students

While the administration looks to expand the parameters of campus, students need to be more wary of the misuse of the space already available. The university currently inhibits students from taking full advantage of existing facilities that are designated for their use and enjoyment. The numerous locked rooms across campus[Read More…]

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A Legacy of Friendship

Since the university officially announced that he has been named the new president of Franklin & Marshall College, Senior Vice President for Strategic Development Dan Porterfield has received an outpouring of support from the campus community. Even more impressive than the sheer number of messages on his Facebook wall is[Read More…]

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Words of Encouragement For a Melancholy World

I am worried that everyone is far too worried. Here on campus, students stress about the constant stream of midterms, papers, job interviews, internship applications, scholarship requests and extracurricular responsibilities, with a side of drug and burglary concerns and a touch of traveling plans. With all this on their plate,[Read More…]

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A Call for Renewed Civility

We are Georgetown! In these words, Georgetown students exclaim their enthusiasm at Hoya sporting events. But it is more than just a cheer. The chant says something profound about who we are. Georgetown is a “we”: a diverse community of students, faculty and staff who call the Hilltop “home.” A[Read More…]

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D.C. Regulations Limit Competition

During a run to the National Mall last week, I caught sight of Segs in the City, a company that offers those Segway tours everyone in D.C. likes to sneer at. Yes, Segways are awkward, silly and a slight disgrace to humanity, but Segs in the City holds a special[Read More…]

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Eastward Bound: Tensions Rising in Asia

President Obama’s recent trip to Asia has set off a series of military and defense policy shifts that have raised temperatures in East Asia. Recent regional events have escalated from relatively inconsequential – such as the Chinese claim to a sphere of influence within the first island chain in the[Read More…]

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Needless Obstacles Plague Pre-Registration

Students itching to head home for the long-awaited Thanksgiving break have at least one imposing hurdle to jump beforehand: the pre-registration process. The procedure involves a wide range of moving parts, requiring students to juggle time slots and curricular requirements. On the system level, MyAccess is embarrassingly lackluster and is[Read More…]

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Searching for the Proper Role Of a Community Newspaper

The moment I finally understood why THE HOYA is truly important to Georgetown – the moment I first appreciated why I was spending countless hours on the job, why I was poring over my work and the work that I was responsible for – was a moment when THE HOYA’s[Read More…]

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Weighing the Benefits

The Comprehensive Peace Agreement – also known as the Naivasha Agreement – was signed between the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, and the Sudanese government of Khartoum in 2005. The CPA was the international community’s latest – and most successful – attempt at ending Sudan’s second civil war. And on a[Read More…]

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Slams Against Uribe Neglect Citizen Approval

As a born and raised Colombian citizen and a Georgetown alum, it is with great sadness that I read about the continuous disparagement being suffered by former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe VĂ©lez on campus. The belittling campaigns against Uribe at Georgetown, led by a handful of romantic and uninformed students[Read More…]

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