Leaving and Learning

No matter how you slice it, studying abroad is expensive. Tuition, housing fees, airfare, visa fees, living expenses (particularly in Europe) and international health insurance can add up to a scary price tag. What many do not realize, however, is that Georgetown coordinated programs are not the only roads to[Read More…]

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Settlements Undermine Israeli Identity

Israel’s got it tough. This small nation, with a population equivalent to that of Virginia, faces animosity on all sides. Since the creation of Israel in 1948, the Israeli Defense Forces have handled the nation’s antagonists decisively. But the force most capable of hurting Israel in the present is not[Read More…]

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The Highs and Lows Of the Modern Age

Let me be blunt: I am getting a little sick of technology. No, I am not a neo-Luddite: I do not want to smash all the iPods on campus with my massive microeconomics textbook. I admit that I am quite dependent on modern technology; I am writing this article on[Read More…]

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Tragedy Strikes

When Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi jumped off the George Washington Bridge on Sept. 22, he took part of our hearts with him. Clementi’s suicide was precipitated by a gross invasion of privacy by his roommate and another friend. A live video stream of Clementi’s private sexual encounter with another[Read More…]

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Rutgers’ Clementi Not the Only One

STARING OUT MY WINDOW LAST THURSDAY, the Key Bridge caught my eye. Instantly, I imagined another, the George Washington Bridge, in its place. I realized that I would never drive over that bridge, or any other, again without thinking of Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers freshman who committed suicide last week[Read More…]

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Food Trucks Hit a Bump

Most students know by now the familiar jingle that means the Sweetflow Mobile has arrived. In recent years, a vibrant culture has cropped up around mobile eateries. Unfortunately, this emerging local industry may undergo some major changes this November. A referendum was recently proposed that would bring food trucks under[Read More…]

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French Gypsy Policy Raises Tough Questions

FENCH PRESIDENT NICOLAS SARKOZY has been attracting a lot of hostile attention lately – even some hackneyed comparisons to Adolf Hitler – for his policies concerning the Roma population in France. Since midsummer, the Sarkozy administration has sent hundreds, possibly thousands, of Roma packing under the guise of voluntary repatriation.[Read More…]

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China’s Resurgence Threatens U.S.

NEVER IN RECENT YEARS HAS A simple question inspired so much debate. The economic rise of China and the military buildup that has followed Beijing’s boom in capital resources has driven American scholars and strategists into a frenzy of speculation over what most mainstream analysts see as an inevitable clash[Read More…]

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The Jesuit Mission: Guiding and Educating to Pursue the Truth

I LOVE BEING A JESUIT. ONE OF THE greatest joys of Jesuit life is that in joining the project of my life to the project of the Society of Jesus and its mission in service of the Church and the world, I have lived and worked with some truly remarkable[Read More…]

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Obstructionism Not the End Goal

With a liberal president and an overwhelmingly Democratic Congress, the Republicans have struggled to find a new role in government. Greatly marginalized, the GOP redefined itself by its staunch opposition to the Democrats’ policies. As the Republican Party continues to move rightward, it has made a point to fight the[Read More…]

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