EDITORIAL: Narrow GUSA Policy Goals

Nearly a month after Georgetown University Student Association President Norman Francis Jr. (COL ’20) and Vice President Aleida Olvera (COL ’20) were sworn into office, their efforts have been disappointing. Though the pair have just begun onboarding staff, they should ensure that the current passivity of the administration does not[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Respect Individual Freedom, Vote ‘No’ on GU272 Referendum

In our tolerant and liberal society, we place great emphasis on the individual and her ability to make free choices. When the state or some other institution imposes one particular moral outlook or range of choices, it is frequently met with resistance. In contrast, the individual is expected to weigh[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Vote Yes for GU272 Descendants

Georgetown University would not exist today if the Maryland Society of Jesus had not sold 272 enslaved men and women in 1838 to financially sustain the university. And yet the university’s reconciliation with its historical connection to slavery is largely limited to legacy admissions preference for descendants and renamed buildings.[Read More…]

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Letter to the Editor: Penance and Mercy in College Scandal

Dear Editor, In a recent viewpoint by Madison Pravecek (SFS ’19) about the college admissions scandal, the author confuses the Catholic sacrament of penance with Christ’s teachings on love and compassion, citing a lack of atonement as justification for heartlessness. Penance allows Catholics to be reconciled with God and His[Read More…]

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CARNES: Discerning New Priorities

CARNES: Discerning New Priorities

On banners and in New Student Orientation talks, in classes and on retreats, we proudly proclaim the values of the Spirit of Georgetown. Many of us can rattle off these values: cura personalis, people for others, interreligious understanding and all the rest. We take them as a common reference point,[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Denounce Israeli Apartheid

This past week, Georgetown University’s Students for Justice in Palestine, launched its 15th annual Apartheid Week, hosting a series of events to highlight the apartheid conditions Palestinians live under in Israel and the Palestinian territories. Apartheid — defined in international law as the institutionalized, systematic oppression and domination by one[Read More…]

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PRAYOGO: Overcoming Barriers to International Employment

PRAYOGO: Overcoming Barriers to International Employment

When people ask me why I chose to go to Georgetown University, I always cite my desire to experience a world-class education, deep admiration for Jesuit values and excitement at being in Washington, D.C. However, the unsaid implication for many international students, including myself, is that we came to Georgetown[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Embrace Hyphenated Identities

As an Iraqi-American, I have easily accepted and embraced the hyphenated identity of being both Iraqi and American. However, I have found that hyphenated identities — including mine — are often othered: we find ourselves being excluded from groups on either side of the hyphen. But at Georgetown University, a[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Lead Response to Clerical Abuse

This editorial discusses sexual abuse. Please refer to the end of the article for on- and off-campus resources. In 2009, Georgetown University and Fordham University were both notified of a sexual predator who had taught at both institutions. While Fordham immediately banned the predator, Fr. Daniel O’Connell, S.J., from campus,[Read More…]

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BIGGIO: Resist Cultural Nostalgia

BIGGIO: Resist Cultural Nostalgia

My family’s most sacred moments are memorialized by candy — the gumdrops we shared on a road trip, the Junior Mint my brother sat on while we howled with laughter, the M&M’s we snuck into the movies via my mom’s purse. To eat these treats now is to remember instances[Read More…]

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