A Finals Examination

Finals are creeping up faster than most of us would like to admit. While cumulative examinations have value in the sense that they hold students accountable for the semester, there is ample room for improvement in exam execution. We offer these 10 suggestions as a way to test the Georgetown[Read More…]

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Small Talk, Big Impact

Not all small talk is of small importance, especially when it reflects serious social trends on campus. With students in the throes of the semester, hardly a conversation goes by on the Hilltop without an enumeration, and occasional exaggeration, of how much stress either party is under. There is nothing[Read More…]

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The Science of Success

It is encouraging to see the Undergraduate Science Research Fair place a greater emphasis on including and engaging students on the forefront of research projects. Last Wednesday’s research fair, an annual event in Sellinger Lounge put on by Georgetown Psi Chi, the international honor society of psychology, featured posters and[Read More…]

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Admitting Room to Improve

The September release of enrollment statistics for Georgetown’s graduate programs has left many wondering how to address a lack of diversity in admissions practices. Admissions to these programs have drastically underrepresented black and Latino students, reflecting a grim reality for academic diversity. In response, the university should refocus efforts on[Read More…]

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Substance Over Style

“Find X.” “If you could choose to be raised by robots, dinosaurs or aliens, who would you pick?” “What does Play-Doh have to do with Plato?” For Georgetown students who applied to many different colleges, these real questions on college applications might trigger unpleasant memories. As noted Saturday by The New York[Read More…]

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A Worthwhile Incentive

There are few circumstances that can truly be considered a win-win — and, let’s face it, even fewer when the parties involved include students and the administration. More often than not, the best that can be hoped for is compromise. However, in the Georgetown University Student Association’s What’s a Hoya? initiative, we’re[Read More…]

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Reading Into Academics

It is a curious phenomenon that at one of the most intellectually rigorous universities in the country, reading doesn’t count for much. Understandably, in the flurry of midterms, papers and extracurricular activities, assigned readings often get pushed to the bottom of many students’ to-do lists. But considering that much of[Read More…]

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Make Your GUSA Vote Count

After enduring much campaigning and commotion, students will be able to cast their online ballots beginning late Wednesday night for the Georgetown University Student Association executive election. It’s important that students make their vote count, quite literally in more ways than one. Voting for GUSA is a small but significant student duty[Read More…]

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Board Stands by Appelbaum and Cleary

Early this morning, an anonymous leak revealed online that GUSA presidential candidate JackAppelbaum (COL ’14) is a member of the Second Society of Stewards. In an interview with The Hoya,Appelbaum confirmed his membership. Yet despite this news, The Hoya’s editorial board stands by its endorsement of Appelbaum and Maggie Cleary (COL ’14). The revelation does not[Read More…]

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Vote Appelbaum and Cleary GUSA Exec

When students go to the polls — or rather, open up their browsers — on Feb. 21, they will cast their votes for the Georgetown University Student Association’s next president and vice president. It is important to remember that the position up for grabs requires more of an ambassador for[Read More…]

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