GOP Has Moral High Ground in Shutdown Fight

It has been alleged that the Republicans in the House of Representatives are holding the country hostage by refusing to approve any budget fully funding Obamacare. This accusation is an absurd calumny, which deserves nothing less than to be discounted as the falsehood it is. The only excuse for such[Read More…]

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To the Future Leaders of Georgetown

Four years simply isn’t enough time. When I came to Georgetown for the first time in the spring of my junior year of college, it seemed like May 2014 was an eternity away. Yesterday, I updated the Senior Class Committee’s graduation countdown and was shocked to see that we have[Read More…]

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Why are you running for GUSA Senator? I am running for GUSA Senator in order to have a more influential role in advocating for our student body. I believe that the Georgetown Senate is a well-balanced mix of innovative, progressive thinking and effective, practical reasoning. I would be honored to contribute to a group[Read More…]

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Dems Elect the Anti-Bloomberg in NYC

The next mayor of New York City will not be Anthony Weiner. Or John Liu. Or Sal Albanese. Or the “Rent is Too Damn High” Guy. And somehow, after being the favorite for three years heading into the election, City Council speaker and Bloomberg protege Christine Quinn can now be added to the[Read More…]

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Work Hard, Play Hard(er)?

I read somewhere that the average college student’s stress level is comparable to that of a mental patient in the 1800s. And as Georgetown students, we probably exceed standard amounts of such stress and anxiety tenfold. Our school is in the heart of the nation. Students aspire to become CEOs, politicians,[Read More…]

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Church’s ‘Monopoly on Truth’ Alienates LGBT

Claiming that you believe in LGBT individuals’ inherent dignity and, in the same breath, telling them that their consensual love is fundamentally disordered requires a peculiar brand of cognitive dissonance, at best. Hypocrisy, at worst. The Catholic Church describes same-sex attraction as “objectively disordered,” “a strong tendency toward an intrinsic moral evil”[Read More…]

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