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Wisemiller’s Deli Removes Sandwich Name Over Backlash

Wisemiller’s Deli removed the “Blackie’s Favorite” sandwich that has appeared on the menu for at least 20 years from the store’s physical menu as a result of backlash to the racist nature of its name. The sandwich, which contains hot roast beef, grilled onions, muenster cheese and thousand island dressing,[Read More…]

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ROCHELLE VAYNTRUB FOR THE HOYA | Capital Bikeshare rolled out e-bikes as part of a pilot program in September 2018. Many riders reported injuries from overly strong brakes.

Brake Issues Prompt Capital Bikeshare E-Bike Recall

After users experienced multiple injuries because of brake issues, Capital Bikeshare is temporarily pulling its electric bikes from Washington, D.C. Capital Bikeshare’s parent company, Lyft, announced the change on the Capital Bikeshare website April 14 in a statement responding to rider reports of excessively strong bike brakes. Lyft has pulled[Read More…]

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Glover Park Rite Aid Closes After Disappointing Sales

The Rite Aid store at 2255 Wisconsin Avenue is set to close May 18 following the purchase of thousands of Rite Aid stores by Walgreens in 2017, according to The Georgetowner. The Rite Aid pharmacies will close ahead of the store closing May 13. Walgreens originally planned to close 600[Read More…]

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Campaign Searches for Tidal Basin Restoration Options

A campaign to preserve the tidal basin launched April 3, as the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Trust for the National Mall plan to collaborate in response to rising sea levels and heavy foot traffic that threaten the basin’s longevity. The campaign, “Save the Tidal Basin,” invites proposals[Read More…]

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Compass Coffee Opens New Georgetown Venue

Compass Coffee, the main supplier of coffee products for Students of Georgetown, Inc., commonly known as The Corp, opened its own new location in Georgetown on April 6, as it aims to offer a new study space for Georgetown students off campus. The coffee shop, located at 1351 Wisconsin Avenue[Read More…]

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Neighborhood Commissioner Looks to Unseat DC Councilmember Evans

Neighborhood Commissioner Looks to Unseat DC Councilmember Evans

Patrick Kennedy, former campaign co-chair to Washington, D.C. Councilmember Jack Evans (D-Ward 2), announced April 8 that he will be opposing Evans in the 2020 D.C. Council elections following recent ethical scandals involving Evans. Evans was reprimanded by a March 19 council vote after using his government email to solicit[Read More…]

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BUTLER FOR DC MAYOR/FACEBOOK | James Butler, who unsuccessfully ran for mayor in the 2018 election,  started a proposed ballot initiative that would impose term limits on Washington, D.C. officials.

DC Elections Board Cancels Ballot Initiative on Term Limits

The Washington, D.C. Board of Elections ruled that D.C. residents may not vote to enact term limits for city officials April 3, effectively cancelling an upcoming ballot initiative that would limit D.C. councilmembers to two terms. Imposing term limits on city officials would require an amendment to the D.C. city[Read More…]

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MOAKLEY COURTHOUSE | Stephen Semprevivo, one of five Georgetown parents implicated in a nationwide March 12 admissions bribery indictment, pleaded guilty in Boston federal court Monday after paying an intermediary $400,000 to give his son an advantage in the admissions process.

Georgetown Parent Pleads Guilty in Admissions Bribery Case

Georgetown parent Stephen Semprevivo and 12 other university parents pleaded guilty to fraud for involvement in a college admissions bribery scheme in a Boston federal court Monday. The plea comes after the Georgetown University Student Association senate voted against a resolution to urge the university to expel current students and[Read More…]

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@SECNIELSEN/TWITTER | Kevin McAleenan, the current commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, is set to replace  Kirstjen Nielsen (SFS ’94), who resigned from her position as secretary of homeland security Sunday.

Alumna Kirstjen Nielsen Resigns as Homeland Security Secretary

Kirstjen Nielsen (SFS ’94) resigned from her position as secretary of homeland security Sunday, marking the 48th senior official to depart President Donald Trump’s administration. Nielsen has helmed the Department of Homeland Security since December 2017, leading the Trump administration’s immigration policies and supporting the construction of a barrier along[Read More…]

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ARCHDIOCESE OF ATLANTA/FACEBOOK | Wilton Gregory, who was appointed Thursday, previously led the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops from 2001 to 2004. Gregory replaces Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who resigned in October 2018 amid accusations he mishandled allegations of sexual abuse.

Pope Francis Appoints DC’s 1st Black Archbishop

Archbishop of Atlanta Wilton Gregory is set to become the first black archbishop of Washington, D.C., on May 21, the Vatican announced Thursday. Gregory’s appointment follows the ongoing clerical sexual abuse scandal within the church, which has implicated the last two archbishops of D.C. The D.C. archdiocese has looked to[Read More…]

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