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NOVEL IDEAS: ‘The Quarry Wood’ Emphasizes the Power of Education

At the beginning of March, I hit an academic wall. Having coasted through two months at St. Andrews with relative ease, I suddenly found myself bombarded by deadlines for essays, my thesis proposal and my application to Georgetown’s accelerated graduate program. I was floundering, and I couldn’t seem to shake[Read More…]

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@GABIDEVEREAUX/INSTAGRAM | Peter Sagar, formerly Mac DeMarco’s guitarist, above, performed at the Black Cat and impressed audiences with his lo-fi synth sound and passionate, unapologetic personality. His music reflects his interest in experimentation, the avant-garde and surrealism, resulting in a hazy and dazed effect.

Despite Criticism, Homeshake’s Synth Sound Appeals

Homeshake, the solo musical project by Peter Sagar, made its second performance in Washington, D.C., at the Black Cat on Sunday, March 24. Although Homeshake has lacked the support of critical validation recently, the negative responses have hardly shifted the fervor of his listeners, who continue to be drawn to[Read More…]

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PETE HOLMES | In his HBO comedy “Crashing,” based on his own comedic career, Pete Holmes, above, portrayed the ups and downs of trying to make it big in an uninviting industry. Holmes hopes other comedians will find comfort in seeing his own failures on the way to success.

Pete Holmes Reflects on Sharing His Story Through Television

In an age of increasing interest in comedy, Pete Holmes continues to solidify his place among the best of the generation. His show on HBO, “Crashing,” which ended its final season March 10, chronicles a fictionalized version of Holmes’ own bumpy ride to comedic success. The show explores many of[Read More…]

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MONKEY PAW PRODUCTIONS | Establishing Jordan Peele as one of the strongest directors of his generation, "Us" offers a scathing commentary on class and privilege while avoiding becoming pedantic. With standout performances by Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke, "Us" will keep audiences thinking about its central metaphor even after the film ends.

‘Us’ Critiques Society Using Horror Genre

★★★★★ The highly anticipated Jordan Peele film “Us” holds a mirror up to society, revealing the terrifying consequences of its actions. This horror masterpiece crafts a brilliant rumination on the terrors that the oppressive forces of privilege create for others, bolstered by an Oscar-worthy performance by Lupita Nyong’o. In the[Read More…]

‘Vanity Fair’ Adaptation Stays True to Heart of Play

‘Vanity Fair’ Adaptation Stays True to Heart of Play

“I never blush,” declares the smirking Becky Sharp, the principal character of Shakespeare Theatre Company’s “Vanity Fair.” Between scholarship, film and even a 2018 Amazon Studios miniseries, the character from William Makepeace Thackeray’s mid-Victorian era novel has been treated as both a plucky heroine and a relentlessly ambitious antiheroine. This[Read More…]

The Women’s Issue

The Women’s Issue

Notable Alumnae

Notable Alumnae

IMDB | Shonda Rhimes, far left, was the showrunner for “Grey’s Anatomy,” starring Ellen Pompeo. While Rhimes has had much success, challenges still exist for female showrunners.

Few in Number, Female Showrunners Advance TV

When Netflix cancelled the critically acclaimed show “One Day At A Time” on March 14, the streaming site was met with thousands of outraged comments on the tweet lamenting the decision. As evidenced by a simple scroll through the replies, their choices do not exist in a vacuum, nor does[Read More…]

Diversity in Media

Diversity in Media

THE HOYA 1968 | After the board of directors approved admitted women into the College, a May 1968 cartoon in The Hoya showed a woman popping out of a cake, surrounded by men showing faces of amusement, shock and disapproval. Women first attended the College in 1969. By 1976, half of the student body was female; now, women comprise 56 percent of the student body.

‘Women Pioneers’ Shape Hilltop for Over 50 Years

“Tradition crumbles: College admits girls,” read The Hoya’s front page in September 1968. The headline reflected the campus climate toward Georgetown’s decision to fully become a coed campus across all four schools in 1969. Fifty years later, Georgetown’s campus is now bustling with female students, faculty and staff, but the[Read More…]