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BOARDWALK PICTURES | Chef Sean Brock makes up only one of the diverse voices featured in the latest season of the Netflix food documentary "Chef's Table."

‘Chef’s Table’ Season 6 Brings Together Diverse Culinary Voices

In the newest installment of Netflix’s food documentary, “Chef’s Table,” Director David Gelb showcases four dynamic chefs who celebrate the traditional food they grew up with while pushing the boundaries of what those dishes mean in the modern culinary world. With its vibrant and raw cinematography, mouthwatering close-ups and inspirational[Read More…]

KENNEDY CENTER | Despite moments of less-than-perfect execution throughout the program, the choreography and production reestablished the New York City Ballet's status as a trend setter in dance.

The New York City Ballet Displays Potential at Kennedy Center

Kanye West and the 1940s Broadway hit “On the Town” may have little in common, but the New York City Ballet tries to convince you otherwise through its program “New Works and New Production.” An eclectic mix of pieces with a smattering of ill-prepared numbers, NYCB’s latest show offered a[Read More…]

ALEC BERG PRODUCTIONS | Barry Berkman, played by Bill Hader, grapples with his identity as a killer. Although funny and entertaining, the show addresses larger questions of morality and explores Barry's psyche.

Bill Hader Explores Dark Humor in ‘Barry’

“Barry,” HBO’s award-winning series launched last March, blends lighthearted, whimsical humor with dark, emotional themes. The show has received positive responses, winning two Primetime Emmy Awards. The show stars Bill Hader as a former United States Marine, Barry Berkman. Barry, a Midwestern hit man, travels to Los Angeles for a[Read More…]

MASK AND BAUBLE INSTAGRAM | A musical unlike many others, "Hello Again" features a series of encounters throughout history that share stories of human connection and separation.

Mask and Bauble’s ‘Hello Again’ Tells Century-Long Love Story

Mask and Bauble’s spring musical “Hello Again” is a rumination on romance. Based on Arthur Schnitzler’s 1897 play “La Ronde,” the show explores the entanglement of love and lust through a series of 10 two-person vignettes that bleed into one another. After each scene, the pursued becomes the pursuer and[Read More…]

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WHEREARETHEAVOCADOS INSTAGRAM | Billie Eilish carves her own path when it comes to every step in the creative process.

Billie Eilish Reshapes Pop Stardom on Debut Album

Billie Eilish’s debut album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” solidifies her up-and-coming status as a pop superstar. The long-awaited album follows Eilish’s intermittent releases of her 2017 debut EP, “dont smile at me,” and a series of singles. The release garnered much intrigue, with both fans[Read More…]

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DIRECTOR’S CUT: ‘Us’ Loses Its Message in Complex Plot

DIRECTOR’S CUT: ‘Us’ Loses Its Message in Complex Plot

I saw Jordan Peele’s “Us” in an early release a couple weeks ago and had initially planned on writing this response that same night. That, unfortunately, did not happen. “Us” is a film with a lot to unpack, and it will leave you with questions not only regarding the story,[Read More…]

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Kathryn Baker

NOVEL IDEAS: ‘The Daydreamer’ Rekindles the Magic of Imagination

Twenty-one is an odd age. I have graduated from my teenage years and live away from home for eight months of the year. I am still in school, however, and not financially independent. At least until I graduate, I am riding the wave between childhood and full-fledged adulthood. My occupancy[Read More…]

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The Club Issue

The Club Issue

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DPE PROFESSIONAL FOREIGN SERVICE SORORITY ALPHA CHAPTER | Even though fraternities and sororities on campus do not possess the same scope and popularity on campus as clubs do, several still attempt to create a home for students. These organizations vary by their university recognition status and their target demographic, but they all seek to build community by bringing students together.

Greek Life Offers Community in Place of Clubs

Like many other Jesuit institutions across the country, Georgetown University has officially disassociated itself from Greek life since the mid-1950s, with nothing seeming to signal an upcoming change in the university’s policy regarding Greek life. Nevertheless, fraternities and sororities continue to exist, each aiming to bring something different to the[Read More…]

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GEORGETOWN PROGRAM BOARD/FACEBOOK | Some organizations have begun to practice open membership, including Georgetown Program Board. Open membership succeeds in combatting the exclusivity that pervades club culture, creating a healthier environment for members. While participation can be an issue for open membership clubs, the practice helps students put their extracurriculars in perspective.

Open Membership Improves Club Culture at CAB Fair

Since club culture is a stressor for incoming freshmen, the Council of Advisory Boards fair is an opportunity for students to see what is available to them and what might be of interest. Two hundred fifty-four different student organizations tabled during this September’s CAB fair. CAB fair not only represents[Read More…]

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