Amblin Partners | The heart of “On the Basis of Sex” comes from the biopic’s fusion of Ruth Bader Gisburg’s professional and personal lives. Despite the prominence of the relationship between Ruth, right, and her husband Marty, left, in the film, the love story does not distract from but rather complements the powerful narrative tracing Ruth’s legal fight against gender discrimination.

‘On the Basis of Sex’ Artfully Traces RBG’s Ascent to the Court

★★★★★ As Ruth Bader Ginsburg celebrates her 25th year on the nation’s highest court, “On the Basis of Sex” focuses on the court case that launched her battle to dismantle legal barriers for women, presenting the origin story of the Supreme Court justice we now know as the Notorious R.B.G.[Read More…]

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Vice Studios | “Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened” documents the perils of advertising through social media influencers with the failure of the Fyre Festival. When guests landed on the Bahamian district of Exuma, they were met with surprise, as the island was filled with disaster relief tents and inadequate food and water supplies.

‘Fyre’ Documents, Downplays Viral Festival Failure

★★★☆☆ Netflix’s new documentary “Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened” documents the mishap of Fyre Festival, a fraudulent music festival that advertised luxury on a private island in the Bahamas but eventually left festivalgoers stranded on the little Bahamian district of Exuma in 2017. The documentary was released four[Read More…]

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Olivia Simon

DIRECTOR’S CUT: ‘Green Book’ Offers Moving but Imperfectly Crafted Story

I became aware of “Green Book” just before the holidays, when a couple of my friends mentioned it was worth catching at the theater. While I was surprised to learn the film was directed by Peter Farrelly of the Farrelly Brothers — known for comedies such as “Dumb and Dumber”[Read More…]

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Annapurna Pictures | “If Beale Street Could Talk” shines not only because of the outstanding performances of its lead actors, Kiki Layne and Stephan James, above, but also from the impressive and moving supporting cast members like Golden Globe-winning actress Regina King who dutifully honor the beauty of Baldwin’s work.

‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ Highlights James Baldwin’s Legacy

★★★★★ “Every black person born in America was born on Beale Street, born in the black neighborhood of some American city, whether in Jackson, Mississippi, or in Harlem, New York. Beale Street is our legacy.” These words, eloquently written by author James Baldwin, appear in the first scene of the[Read More…]

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Lantern Entertainment | “The Upside” is a fairly successful attempt to adapt the hit French film for U.S. audiences, featuring a standout performance from Bryan Cranston, right.

Cranston Shines in Remake of ‘The Upside’

★★★☆☆ In 2012, the film “Les Intouchables,” a French box-office hit, played on screens across the United States, quickly stealing hearts and becoming the highest-ranking non-English-language movie ever released. Seven years later, an American remake of the film called “The Upside” attempted to capture the same success. Starring Bryan Cranston[Read More…]

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DC Comics | “Aquaman,” directed by James Wan and starring Jason Momoa, is yet another superhero movie filled with green screens and action sequences. While it fails to break free from its genre, the film is nevertheless engaging, featuring a diverse and talented cast. “Aquaman” is sure to thrill fans with its impressive visual effects and adrenaline-packed scenes.

Action-Packed ‘Aquaman’ Thrills but Lacks Depth

★★★☆☆ “Aquaman” attempts to offer a new and improved take on the CGI-heavy and action-laden formula that has been recycled through all superhero movies since the start of the DC and Marvel cinematic universes. The beautiful shots, timely and effective comedic relief, and the protagonist’s constant rejection of heroic, grandiose[Read More…]

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‘Second Act’ Surprises and Touches Audiences

★★★★☆ Helmed by the incredible Jennifer Lopez, “Second Act” charms audiences with an inviting plot perfect for this holiday season. Director Peter Segal returns with the new comedy about Lopez’s Maya, a big-box store worker in New York who manages to reinvent her life and get hired by one of[Read More…]

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Warner Bros

‘Fantastic Beasts’ Lacks Substance, Disappoints Fans

★★☆☆☆ “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” originally excited “Harry Potter” fans with its promise to bring audiences back to their favorite fictional place: Hogwarts. Yet, viewers anticipating an exhilarating return to the magical world of the famed school will be disappointed by the second installation of J.K. Rowling’s spin-off[Read More…]

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‘A Private War’ Honors Inspirational Journalist

★★★★★ Following the story of war correspondent Marie Colvin, “A Private War” masterfully pushes viewers to not only consider the cost of war but also its harrowing effect on individuals. As Marie Colvin and British photographer and filmmaker Paul Conroy, Rosamund Pike and Jamie Dornan deliver heart-wrenching performances, rising to[Read More…]

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‘A Private War’ Cast Illustrates Challenges in Authentically Conveying Legendary Journalist’s Legacy

Starring Rosamund Pike and Jamie Dornan, “A Private War” tells the story of celebrated and fearless journalist, Marie Colvin. Tracing her journey from reporting in Sri Lanka in 2001 right up to 2012 in Syria, the film portrays Colvin’s determination to give a voice to the voiceless in places of[Read More…]

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