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Björk’s Own Brand of Quirky Genius

Last year, I had one of the best experiences of my life at Bonnaroo. Being able to see some of my favorite bands, bands that I had idolized and obsessed over for years, was truly mind-blowing. On Tuesday, this summer’s Bonnaroo lineup was announced, and I tracked it closely. As[Read More…]

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The Bread Paradox

Recently, there came a troubling point in my relationship with sandwiches when I began to wonder exactly what counts as a sandwich. Seeking clarity, I looked up definitions of the sandwich in the Oxford English Dictionary, Urban Dictionary and The New York Times and received a range of answers from[Read More…]

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A Sandwich Renaissance

For one-sixth of my life, I wore big metallic braces. From freshman year until long after I graduated from high school, the metal in my mouth fiercely dictated what I could eat. On Aug. 3, 2012, mere weeks before I came to Georgetown, my orthodontist pried that hideous metal out[Read More…]

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This past week, I violated one of my own cardinal rules of social media: Do not be involved in a political or ideological debate on Facebook. You know how when you’re scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed and you come across that status made in jest that is related to a[Read More…]

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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Fannypack

When I was in middle school, I loved Anne Bradshaw’s Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. Those books taught me a lot about things I just didn’t experience myself: divorce, the death of a close family member, problems with parents, young love and being a part of a tight-knit friend[Read More…]

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A New Perspective for TV’s Favorite Vigilante

Television shows face the challenge of being interesting and abnormal without being completely outside the realm of belief. A show that’s too much like real life would be boring — that’s why the bar on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” never goes bankrupt. But journey too far into the absurd[Read More…]

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Quirky Phrases: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

My fascination with learning slang from past decades began this past summer. I was at home and jobless, so I had nothing to do for an awkward amount of time. Naturally, this simply turned my fascination into a legitimate obsession. In response to something my dad said that I have[Read More…]

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Midterm Mantra: Socks, Food and ‘Doctor Who’

Fall is a weird time of year here at Georgetown. The weather gods can’t quite decide if it’s autumn or not, Columbus Day has come and gone and the stress of midterms has even the most balanced and level-headed students twitching over their Red Eye in the Lau cubes at[Read More…]

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Winning, Losing and Somewhere In Between

As Heidi Klum says, “One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.” The model and “Project Runway” host was referring to fashion, but we music nerds know that a similar concept holds true in our world. The music industry, like fashion, is a cutthroat arena of artists constantly[Read More…]

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Keep it Simple, Stupid

Some time ago, I was at a party and had to step away from the kitchen for a bathroom break. Upon returning, I found a few guests who had tried — unsuccessfully — to mix a drink of their own creation. Apparently, it tasted off, so they added more ingredients.[Read More…]

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