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Asian-American Students Celebrate Cultural Identity

When I lived in Myanmar, I went to an international school comprised of students from all over the world. This exposure helped me to embrace the world’s different cultures as well to learn how to be proud of my own. Because of this experience, I began to hold my racial[Read More…]

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Waiting for the Turn of the 21st Year

When I returned to Georgetown from my semester abroad and began this column, I expected a definite period of adjustment to the signature smell of the dining hall, to spending more than five dollars on lunch or to the hours spent in my Lau cubicle. Strangely enough, none of these[Read More…]

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Foreign Artists Hit US Music Scene

Toward the end of each year, certain acts emerge as upcoming artists begin to make their names known, be it through the sanctioned release of singles via social networking or through the unintentional, but glorious album leak, as British artist Jai Paul experiences when his entire album was leaked last[Read More…]

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Drawing a Virtual Boundary

The world today is weird. We have taken our desire to share, to relate to others and to form relationships toward entirely unfathomable levels. It started with our generation — the so-called “millennials.” According to certain think pieces, it is our generation’s specific tendencies toward narcissism, materialism, apathy and laziness[Read More…]

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Flourless Fast Food for Students on the Go

Georgetown’s nonstop environment quickly fills students’ schedules with little free time to eat or sleep. Whether it’s a hectic class schedule, bouncing between group meetings or commuting to an internship, food needs to be convenient for the always on-the-go student. Finding gluten-free food that is both tasty and transportable proves[Read More…]

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All I Want for Christmas Is for This Song to Get More Love

Some people dislike December because they hate hearing Christmas music everywhere they go. I am not one of those people. Christmas music is one of the few things that makes the cold, finals and the lack of sunlight bearable. There are the classics, the ones that your parents and grandparents[Read More…]

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From Your Future Self: Putting College in Perspective

Final exams don’t really matter in the grand scheme of life. Reread that last sentence. Mull it over. Let it sink in. You’re probably shaking your head. No, this isn’t a joke. I’m serious. Putting finals in their place is the only way to keep your cool during this stressful[Read More…]

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Fighting to Unite the Modern World of Nerds

During the 2012 Olympics, British gymnast Jennifer Pinches flashed a hand sign that means nothing to most people. She separated her fingers on both hands in the style of “Star Trek’s” Spock and then crossed her arms. To a small, though constantly growing, segment of the Internet, she did one[Read More…]

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Making Merry With Friends and Food

Georgetown has approximately 7,552 undergraduate students, and as a senior, I often feel like I know every one of them. I’ve met hundreds of my classmates through extracurriculars, projects and parties. Knowing that I can spot someone in Tombs or walking across campus is comforting, but the truth is, I actually[Read More…]

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To Take Stress Off Its Pedestal, Find Personal Time

Healthy Hoya By Kylie Mohr   Published: Friday, November 8, 2013 Updated: Wednesday, November 6, 2013 22:11 Do you really have time to read this article? Think about it. Shouldn’t you be writing a paper, dropping by office hours, rushing to a meeting or filling out internship applications? Aren’t you busy? Our culture[Read More…]

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