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Eggs Benedict at Tabard Inn Restaurant

A Taste of a Decadent Sunday

During my adventurous — but admittedly rather crazy ‚ summer last year I spent over four months in Shanghai where I visited over 230 restaurants. But despite tasting a wide variety of culinary delights, both in Shanghai and D.C. there is only one dish that acts as the momentum to[Read More…]

Struggling to Take a Break

As we sat in our cubicles in Lau during finals, flipping through the readings we never read over the semester, we may have regretted the time wasted scrolling down Facebook and wished we had been more productive. We may have wished we had gone to every lecture, met with our[Read More…]


Rio de Janeiro

In the Pursuit of Words in Rio

Cafune. I learned this word in a translation class when I was 17. That day’s lesson was on idioms and phrases that have no exact English equivalents. We learned age-otori, the Japanese way of saying that someone got a haircut that made them look worse than they did before. We[Read More…]


Examining Diets and Dangerous Words

I knew there was a problem when I couldn’t remember the last time I had eaten a cookie without feeling guilty. At some point in my life, probably around the beginning of high school, I found that I no longer regarded food as something that was meant to fill me[Read More…]

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Certain freshman bros, while never reaching the frat-boy level as shown in "Neighbors," found bonds through their pranking.

An Ode to the Bros

Although I didn’t know it at the time, I have been getting talks since the day I arrived on campus. Every student has. However, the term “getting talks” did not come into existence until my second semester. It all started as a joke between a few of my friends. To[Read More…]

Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale

Through Fiction, Easier Adjustment to Life at Home

For most college students, summer is a time for the big things, a time for risk taking and pushing yourself: traveling internationally, finally landing that coveted financial internship, teaching abroad, graduating. For me, summer meant coming home. I haven’t spent a summer at home in more than three years, so[Read More…]

Lost in Translation: From Spain to Italy

With my semester abroad in Seville, Spain, coming to a close, I’m pleased to say that my Spanish has improved to the point where I’m finally able to express myself without wildly gesticulating at things. So, now that I’ve cleared the low bar of successfully maintaining conversations in Spain, I’m[Read More…]

Sci-Fi Novel Brings Lighthearted Comedy Back to the Genre

It seems like every sci-fi work nowadays shows a dystopian future overflowing with violence, corruption and destruction. Humans have either managed to annihilate themselves or are in the process of being annihilated by some unflinching alien race. From “The Hunger Games” to “Prometheus,” we find ourselves time and time again wading[Read More…]

The Strange Difficulties of Finally Going Home

Picnics on the lawn, people in sunglasses and shorts — it looks like, at last, summer is upon us. Summer is inseparably associated with long breaks as well as a series of questions like: What are you doing? What is your plan? Where will you be? As we entered the[Read More…]

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Better Than Plastic: Confronting Issues of Body Image

I had never worked in sales before. Before this year, my only work experience was limited to babysitting and teaching. But I wanted a job — a real job where I would at last be a working woman. I walked down M Street, searching for “help wanted” signs and some[Read More…]

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