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"1984" by George Orwell.

Social Rules As Dictated By Social Media

“War is Peace.” “Freedom is Slavery.” “Ignorance is Strength.” For anybody who’s ever read George Orwell’s “1984,” these three lines are among the most memorable phrases that resonate throughout the novel. A code to live by, they hold sway over the minds of every citizen of Oceania. Each day these[Read More…]

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The Adventure of Finding Your Own Way

When I boarded the plane from Seville to Palermo, I had two suitcases, 17 euros, the phone number of my host family in Marsala, Sicily, and a plan: take a bus from Palermo airport to Trapani (a coastal town close to Marsala) and meet the family, who would then drive[Read More…]

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The signature Frutti di Mare dish at Fiola Mare.

A Taste of the Ocean

I have been long aware that when it comes to food, my favorites are only temporary. For example, despite my mom’s effort to convert me into a completely omnivorous foodie, I am still reluctant to eat some foods, especially eggplant. Although eggplant remains on my “no” list, since my time in[Read More…]

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The Perks of Going Home

As the summer began and I finally left Georgetown, I encountered a strange dread to return to what should be the most familiar place on Earth — home. After spending a long period of time so far away, the most familiar could also be the strangest, as my boarding school[Read More…]

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Valeria Lukyanova has undergone several plastic surgeries and follows an extreme diet in order to have looks similar to that of  a Barbie doll

Proving That Ideas of Beauty Are Simply Unnatural

“What is art? What makes it good or bad, and who decides?” I was re-watching the film “Mona Lisa Smile” when I considered the broader implications of Professor Katherine Watson’s questions. These were questions that, arguably, could relate as much to the subject of beauty as to that of art.[Read More…]

The Stress of Preparing to Travel Abroad

Visto. Consulado. Estrangeiro. Visa. Consulate. Foreigner. These are words that have unfortunately become very familiar for me over the past few weeks. It all started when I returned home to California for the summer and realized with horror that I had misplaced my passport. I immediately launched myself and my[Read More…]

Relationships formed at Georgetown that mirror that of Rudy and Fortune from the movie "Rudy" can be the most valuable.

The Search For Rudy’s Fortune

It can be easy to forget that part of what makes Georgetown our home for most of the year is the people who work there. Relationships formed with staff members are unlike those formed with faculty, friends or classmates. They are not better or worse, they just add a different[Read More…]

Fierceness of The Literary World Exposed

Fierceness of The Literary World Exposed

Up until about five months ago, I saw the process of bringing a book from some amorphous concept in an author’s brain to a glittering title on The New York Times’ bestseller list as bordering on magical. I don’t know exactly what I imagined went into creating a book, but[Read More…]


Decades Later, Novel Teaches The Importance of Communication

As I was reading “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” a weird fictional book, “Encyclopedia Galactica,” kept popping up in my mind. Intrigued, I decided to do a random Google search to see what would turn up. Lo and behold, I discovered that this fictional book actually originated from another fictional[Read More…]

Through A Parent, Finding the Inner Child

Remember that line from “Mean Girls” when Regina George’s mom (played by the wonderful Amy Poehler) says to the teenage girls with a wink, “I’m not a regular mom. I’m a cool mom”? As I’ve been preparing to leave for Marsala, Italy, in a couple of weeks to work as[Read More…]