In spring 2008, a few guys got together to sing and decided that Georgetown needed a new a cappella group, one that would rock out, break a few moves here and there and have a ton of fun doing it. Fewer than two years later, the Capitol G’s were officially recognized by Georgetown as the university’s all-male contemporary a cappella group. In barely three years here on campus, we’ve found great success and have never looked back, singing and dancing to everything from Elton John and Michael Buble to Outkast and Neyo.

If you think the G’s look like they’re having fun on stage, you should see us at each and every practice — it’s truly the camaraderie of the group that gives us such genuine energy on stage and around campus. We’re more than just 15 singers — we’re 15 great friends performing together and having the time of our lives. This spring is looking to be one of our most exciting yet. In addition to our upcoming concert at The College of William & Mary and a stint at a nearby recording studio, this semester is panning out to be a groundbreaking one as well, as the group will be travelling to Wake Forest University in early April to compete in Wake Forest’s annual “Rockin’ the Forest” a cappella competition. We’ll be sure to rep Georgetown hard.

While the G’s will be on the road quite a bit in the upcoming weeks, we’re super excited to be hosting the SoCal VoCals all the way from USC tonight! The VoCals are an incredible, award-winning and critically acclaimed co-ed a cappella group that has been featured on “The Today Show,” at the Rose Bowl and are two-time International Championship of Collegiate A Capella champions. Without a doubt, the G’s are insanely pumped up to be hosting such an amazing group, so come out to McNeir Auditorium tonight at 9 p.m. to see the VoCals and the G’s, with a guest appearance by the incredible Georgetown Phantoms. This is sure to be an awesome concert (and it’s free). Finally, to all aspiring singers — we hold auditions at the beginning of every semester, so if you think you have what it takes, come try out to become the next G!

– by Trevor Wellington (COL ‘12)

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