Department of Public Safety officers Anthony Meyers, Daryn Bynum and Larry Dickerson will receive commendations from D.C. Metro Police Patrol Service Areas 205 and 206 for their help in apprehending five juveniles. The individuals arrested have been involved in a number of recent robberies and carjackings in the Georgetown area, including the mugging of a Georgetown student, according to Metro police Lieutenant Patrick Burke. On Sunday Sept. 27 at approximately 4 p.m., a 1992 Black Ford “Eddie Bauer” Explorer was stolen from the 2800 block of O St. N.W. The same vehicle was used the following night in a theft against Georgetown junior Alexandra Rigney (FLL ’00). At 11 p.m. Rigney said she was sitting outside of Information Technology on 37th and P Sts., waiting for a friend, when two young women approached her. According to the police report, one of the girls asked Rigney, “Can I have your purse, please?” “The fact that she said `please’ really surprised me,” said Rigney, who thought the girls were bluffing. “I thought they were crappy muggers,” she said. When Rigney refused to give up her purse, the report said, the girls threatened to beat her with a pipe that they allegedly had hidden in a T-shirt. Then one of the girls grabbed the purse and the two jumped into the waiting Explorer. Rigney was able to record the license plate number. “I thought that I was in control of the situation and that I was in a safe position. I guess I learned my lesson,” Rigney said. On Tuesday Sept. 29, at noon, the suspects that Rigney described to police used the same Ford Explorer to commit a robbery on the 3900 block of Davis Place, NW, the DPS report said. Later that evening they attempted another car jacking of a pregnant woman on the 1600 block of 31st St., NW, an effort Det. Pete J. Bignotti of D.C. Metro police said was unsuccessful. At approximately midnight that night, DPS officers Meyers, Bynum and Dickerson saw the stolen vehicle leaving the university’s Lot 3 parking lot. DPS cornered the vehicle at the corner of 35th and Prospect streets, where they held the suspects until D.C. Metro police arrived on the scene. “They took their own lives in their hands,” said Det. Bignotti, who noted that these suspects were armed and dangerous. “For unarmed security guards to do what they did took a lot of courage.” etro police arrested five juveniles, four females and one male, all between the ages of 14 and 16. They were charged with car theft and robbery, and the male was charged with assaulting a police officer. Burke said the Metro police was able to obtain confessions from all the suspects. He also said he believed that all the female suspects had been released but that the male suspect was still being held Thursday morning. Bignotti, who was on the scene at the time of the arrest, thanked the DPS officers and said that they “saved him a lot of work, especially since the last case [involving the pregnant woman] was pretty serious.” According to Lt. Burke, the commendations will likely be certificates signed by the Commanding Officer and presented publicly.

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