DANNY SMITH/THE HOYA Graffiti was located on the side of a university townhouse on 3624 N St., NW (pictured) and several other buildings Friday.
Graffiti was located on the side of a university townhouse on 3624 N St. NW, pictured, and several other buildings Friday.

Graffiti with messages including “Support Officer Wilson” and “Trump ’16 Build the Wall” was found on six on- and off-campus buildings – including a university townhouse on 3624 N St. NW – Friday morning.

Similar graffiti expressing support for Darren Wilson – the former police officer who shot and killed black teenager Michael Brown – and presidential candidate Donald Trump was also found on two other university townhouses, the New North Building and the back sides of Copley Hall and the Davis Performing Arts Center. Messages including “Trump ’16” and “Build the Wall” were written.

Georgetown University Police Department Chief Jay Gruber said the department is currently investigating the incidents.

“Yesterday we received reports of chalking on several university buildings. Chalking on walls is not permitted at the university. GUPD is investigating this defacement of university property,” Gruber wrote in an email to The Hoya.

Georgetown University Student Association Vice President Chris Fisk (COL ’17), who lives at 3624 N St. NW, said he found the graffiti disappointing.

“It’s pretty disappointing and disrespectful – we’ve reached out to facilities to have it removed. We all support free speech, but that doesn’t mean defacing people’s homes,” Fisk wrote in an email to The Hoya.

Senior Director for Strategic Communications Rachel Pugh said additional offices will also address the incident.

“The issue will also be raised at the Speech and Expression Committee meeting next week. Staff in [the Office of] Student Affairs have reached out to students who may be affected,” Pugh wrote in an email to The Hoya.

The university’s Speech and Expression Policy prohibits actions that threaten or are grossly obscene to members of the community. The policy also prohibits chalking on the exterior walls of any campus building.

In March, protests emerged at Emory University after graffiti supporting Trump was chalked around campus.

Hoya Staff Writers Aly Pachter and Jess Kelham-Hohler contributed reporting.

This article has been updated from its original version. 


  1. As much as I dislike Trump and his supporters, its a bit disingenuous for people to only get mad about chalk graffiti once it takes on a political nature. The chill reaction people have had towards “stef prom?” and the stupid shit written all over the ICC leads me to wonder whether the people who wrote this graffiti was even a trump supporter or just a drunk idiot who thought they were being clever

  2. Can some one, not a babiefied student that is, please tell me how in the name of sanity this is a threat to anyone. These accusations that students feel threatened by this are just plain childish, grade school garbage. Are any of those offended even capable of behaving like real adults, or have they been so indoctrinated by their parents and teachers to believe that anything that goes against their beliefs is a threat of some kind: If so this nation is in worse trouble than I or any others ever thought possible.

    You children, and this includes the so called Professors and administrators, at Colleges and Universities need to really grow up and act like true adults.

  3. CriticalHoya says:

    Since when is chalking not allowed on university buildings? I’ve seen chalk for things like NSO, plays, etc., all over university buildings. No outrage, stayed up for months. I guess the left can’t take it when a little bit of graffiti that supports causes they don’t agree with goes up.

  4. What a tragedy. I hope these beautiful, talented snowflakes can overcome this terrible event. So unfair that innocent students have to be exposed to ideas different than theirs!

  5. Obscenity? Not really.

    Trump is a political candidate and Office Willson was exonerated of ANY crime.

    You may not like the speech, but that’s all.

  6. Dr. Necessitor says:

    Did Mr. Fisk manage to fall on a fainting couch before expressing his “outrage”?

  7. Ridiculous. Just wash the chalk off. Are you telling me that “Trump 16” is grossly offensive? As for “Build the wall”, what is unreasonable about a country with 12 million people here illegally building a wall?

    And I certainly hope somebody is supporting Darren Wilson. His career and life have been ruined and he has to live in hiding because he shot a thug named Michael Brown who was trying to take his gun away from him.

    You young people need to grow up and crawl out of your safe spaces. In the real world, there are no safe spaces.

  8. Paul Kersey says:

    Fisk needs to grow a pair. What is he going to do in the real world?

  9. Fisk’s comments prove we would have been better with a Chicken Madness as GUSA Vice President. If Trump freaks him out so much, how can we depend on him to negotiate with the administration in the summer while his boss is in New York working for Goldman Sachs? What a joke.

  10. Denise Irwin says:

    “Trump ’16” Make America Great again!

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