As an undergraduate at Duke, Georgetown graduate student and baseball player Michael Seander (GRD ’12) befriended a classmate named Mike Posner.

Since then Posner went on to be a dance pop artist, with single “Cooler Than Me” peaking at No. 6 Billboard’s Hot 100 and “Please Don’t Go” reaching the top 10. Earlier this month, Seander, now known as Mike Stud, collaborated with Posner on a music video for Posner’s song “Gone in September.”

Once Seander’s musical career started taking off following the release of several tracks this fall, he had hopes of doing more. “Once this music thing started happening with me, we thought it would be cool to get a collaboration together,” he said.

The actual music video of “Gone In September,” however, was “just impromptu,” he said. It was first filmed when him and Posner were driving in the car one night in D.C.

During Seander and Posner’s time at Duke, Posner already appeared to be on the road to stardom. “I was very good friends with Mike, probably through sophomore year. As I ended up circulating more toward the baseball team, we got a little less close, but good friends throughout. He’s gone from a guy who was getting popular to now … an international star,” Seander said.

At that point, for Seander, his own music was “a joke,” he said.

It stayed that way until last summer, when a track Seander had created with his Mac and shared with a few baseball buddies fell into the hands of R&B artist Gerven. Soon enough, Seander was in Boston for his first stint in a recording studio. The result, “Club Fantasy,” was far more successful than Seander would have imagined.

“I thought it was done, then I come to Georgetown two weeks later, and it’s all over the Internet,” he said.

Since then, the upward climb has continued, and Seander hopes to continue to collaborate with other artists following  Posner’s release. “I just put out an electro-pop song with this guy, Josh, from California. I’m doing … tons of collaborations right now with guys all over the country, really up-and-coming guys, kind of expanding my network,” he said.

Nevertheless, Seander hasn’t committed to a music career yet.

“I would say that music is definitely not a joke any more, but I can’t say I’m wholeheartedly pursuing it, because I have other things going on that probably most artists don’t,” he said.

Those other things include pursuing a graduate degree in sports management and pitching for the Georgetown baseball team this spring. Seander said that he is excited about being able to play again after recovering from his injury and has hopes of landing a contract to play professionally.

While he’s not making any decisions just yet, he still plans to juggle concert performances with his baseball season. “I’ve done four shows, and I’m going to do shows, especially when we have home weekends. Colleges in the area, concert halls in the area. I can do Thursdays, occasionally some Saturdays. I would say I enjoy performing … it’s awesome,” Seander said.

It’s certainly a big step from mixing a few tracks for a team party.mike posner

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