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University Opens Arms to Hurricane Victims

For weeks, the university community was transfixed as Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast and images of widespread destruction became an indelible part of national news coverage. Administrators decided to take action by enrolling almost 100 students from Loyola University in New Orleans and Tulane University, both of which were[Read More…]

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DPS Faces Criticism in Probe of Shooting

More than a week after a Georgetown senior was shot and injured during an off-campus mugging, allegations have surfaced that the Department of Public Safety mishandled its investigation into the incident, which could damage chances of finding the perpetrators. Local news reports, citing unnamed sources in the Metropolitan Police Department,[Read More…]

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Catholic Group Criticizes GU Profs

A prominent Catholic watchdog group called last month for 18 professors from Catholic institutions, including four from Georgetown, to be fired for expressing views that they said are contrary to Catholic doctrine. The Cardinal Newman Society says its mission is to monitor Catholic universities and colleges for adherence to Catholic[Read More…]

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Faculty Question GUMC Layoffs

After last month’s round of layoffs and new restructuring efforts, many of Georgetown University Medical Center’s employees continue to express frustration with senior management and the steps administrators have taken to try to overcome GUMC’s financial instability. In an effort to stem the mounting deficit at the Medical Center, which[Read More…]

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Hoya History From the Twenties to Today

On Jan. 14, 1920, Joseph R. Mickler, Jr. (C ’20) and three fellow students presented the first issue of THE HOYA, a publication they had produced in Mickler’s bathroom, to the Georgetown community – humble beginnings for a newspaper that would eventually come to be known as “Georgetown’s Newspaper of[Read More…]

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Med Center Seeks Financial Recovery

After years of restructuring and a veritable revolving door of administrators, the bottom line remains the same – Georgetown University’s Medical Center has been operating in the red since 1995. Though GUMC is home to award-winning researchers who have made groundbreaking strides in cures for heart disease, cervical cancer and[Read More…]

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Changes in Disclosure Policy Affects U. of Virginia

The University of Virginia announced last week that it would be changing its judicial hearing board policies on sexual assault in direct response to a successful legal challenge brought against Georgetown by Kate Dieringer (NHS ’05). The Department of Education’s July ruling that Georgetown violated the rights of sexual assault[Read More…]

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Student Easily Elected to ANC Seat

Georgetown can rest assured that the tradition of student representation on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission will continue as Brett Clements (COL ’07) won an open seat Tuesday. Clements ran unopposed in single-member district 2E04, which includes Southwest Quad, Village C, Village A and Alumni Square, and is comprised almost entirely[Read More…]

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Journalist Describes Work Abroad

Washington Post foreign correspondent Pamela Constable related her experiences as a journalist and encouraged students to pursue careers in the field during a speech in ICC Auditorium on Saturday. Constable served as the newspaper’s South Asia bureau chief for four years, spending most of her time in Kabul, Afghanistan. She[Read More…]

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Gore Attacks Bush’s Love of Power

Former Vice President Al Gore condemned President Bush’s handling of the country and accused him of misleading the American people in order to serve special interests in a speech before a capacity crowd in Gaston Hall yesterday afternoon. Gore charged that Bush’s inability to consider alternate opinions, often mistaken for[Read More…]

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