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‘In My Life’ at College, Memories of Authenticity

One of my older brother’s favorite anecdotes is about how his eighth grade class unsuccessfully tried to convince its uptight music teacher to let “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” be their graduation song. Only a 13-year-old would think “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” is a good graduation song, though. The[Read More…]

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The Bittersweet Truth of Friendships

Lena Dunham’s “Girls” wrapped up its third season last month on a bleak note. The four girls are falling apart — Jessa’s a drug addict, Shoshanna didn’t graduate, Marnie is miserable and Hannah is fighting with her boyfriend. But they’re also falling apart from each other; their friendships are decaying.[Read More…]

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Chris Evans and Scarlett Johanson bring depth to their characters with exciting performances.

Comic-Book Thriller Tackles Important Political Questions

I wasn’t particularly excited to see “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” The first one was probably my least favorite of the Marvel Comic Universe films, and while Steve Rogers pulled his weight in “The Avengers,” I wasn’t sure that he could carry an entire film. Captain America is the definition[Read More…]

Snape Doesn’t Deserve Your Sympathy

This is my penultimate column, which feels weird. But since it is my senior year and the end is nigh, it’s time to talk about my biggest pop culture pet peeve: Severus Snape and the people who love him. This is a rant I’ve been sitting on for almost seven[Read More…]

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Spoiler Alert: Suspense is Overrated

Yesterday, my friend texted me a pretty big “House of Cards” spoiler. It wasn’t malicious; he just thought I had finished all the episodes. While a lot of people would be extremely upset if a major plot point had been spoiled for them, I can honestly say that I didn’t[Read More…]

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Finding Love in the Midst of Ambition

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an op-ed by Susan Patton, who is infamous for a letter she wrote in The Daily Princetonian last year, in which she urged college women to stop focusing so much on their careers and to worry more about finding a husband. She argued —[Read More…]

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Corrupt to the Core

Corrupt to the Core

There’s something perversely appropriate about performing “Richard III” — one of William Shakespeare’s bloodiest and most political plays — just a block from the Capitol Building. Shakespeare’s Richard, a devious, evil, masterful politician, would certainly give the men and women of the Hill a run for their money. “Richard III,”[Read More…]

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The ‘V’ Word

The ‘V’ Word

College students have sex. Older generations shake their finger at hookup culture while students themselves grapple to make sense of it all. Maybe they’re looking for love, connection, pleasure or some combination of the three, or maybe they’re looking for nothing at all. Yet, for all the think pieces that[Read More…]

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Zoe Rosen

Zoe Rosen

At the age of 16 Zoe Rosen (COL ’16) wrote her first song. She was moving from Switzerland — where she grew up — to Canada, and she utilized a class assignment to express her feelings. “It was about saying goodbye to Switzerland and what that experience was like. I[Read More…]

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All I Want for Christmas Is for This Song to Get More Love

Some people dislike December because they hate hearing Christmas music everywhere they go. I am not one of those people. Christmas music is one of the few things that makes the cold, finals and the lack of sunlight bearable. There are the classics, the ones that your parents and grandparents[Read More…]

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