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Rabbi Harold S. White was the first full-time Jewish chaplain at a U.S. Catholic university, and oversaw the foundation of the PJC.

Rabbi White, 83, Built Jewish Life, Programs

Upon descending the stairs to the second floor of the Intercultural Center, a quaint but easily overlooked sculpture can be observed toward the right wall. The bronze statue depicts a scene in the Parable of the Prodigal Son, in which the titular character embraces his father after returning from a[Read More…]

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With Hellman at Helm, SFS Restructures Office

With Hellman at Helm, SFS Restructures Office

With new School of Foreign Service Dean Joel Hellman’s assumption of office this summer comes a restructuring of the dean’s office, seeing the creation of three new administrative positions and a Centennial Vision Committee to guide discussions concerning the future of the school. Hellman spliced the senior associate dean position[Read More…]

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Account Pushes Policy Reform

Account Pushes Policy Reform

A student movement advocating for better university management of sexual assault cases gained traction last week after the Georgetown University Student Association came to an understanding with administrators to increase awareness campaigns and expedite planned initiatives. Students and administrators made agreements to improve the marketing of campus resources for sexual[Read More…]

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After the Bulldog Tavern Oversight Committee raised concerns about the restaurant’s slow service and business operations, the management team responded over the summer by expanding its hiring initiative, increasing the amount of nightly events, offering new food and drink promotions and adding a variety of dining options.

Troubled Bulldog Tavern Bolsters Staff, Programming

The Bulldog Tavern management team implemented new hiring and programming initiatives over the summer to improve the quality of the restaurant’s service and business operations. The pub, which is owned by Bon Appetit, hired several new staff members, including two student bartenders, and hosted events to attract customers. In addition,[Read More…]

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Beginning this year, Wash Cycle will be the only laundry provider with access to university housing.

New Laundry Service Upholds Jesuit Values

The university announced early August that it will partner with Wash Cycle, a laundry service committed to social and environmental causes, as its first official laundry provider. Beginning this academic year, Wash Cycle will be the only laundry service authorized by the university to access student housing, preventing other companies,[Read More…]

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Alumni Gillis Baxter and Evan Bloomberg launched their app, Vizo News, this week.

Q&A: Alumni Talk New Startup, Vizo News

Like all other student entrepreneurs at Georgetown, Gillis Baxter and Evan Bloomberg (COL ’13) have high hopes for their startup, Vizo News. A news aggregator app that delivers three brief headlines every day, Vizo launched this Tuesday on both iOS and Android platforms. The two founders first met at Georgetown,[Read More…]

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SEO Launches Student Employee Time Tracking System

Student employees have begun to log their hours on an electronic timesheet under a new system implemented by the Student Employment Office today. The Hourly Student Time Tracking system was announced on June 27 in a university-wide email, then described in detail in an email on July 17. Under the[Read More…]

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Beeck Center Aids White House Fundraiser for Clean Energy

The university announced Tuesday that the Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation has helped the White House and Department of Energy raise $4 billion to invest into clean energy companies in the private sector. The funding project is part of the Obama administration’s recent efforts to increase clean energy[Read More…]

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University Partners with Consortium for Comparative East Asian Studies

The university announced today that it will participate as a partner school in the Three-Campus Consortium for Comparative East Asian Studies program, a study abroad initiative in which students study at three universities in Japan, Korea and Hong Kong for a full-year or half-year time span. The program, which is[Read More…]

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Q&A: Emad Shahin on Death Sentence, Egypt’s Future

Emad Shahin, a visiting professor of political science at the School of Foreign Service, was sentenced to death in absentia by the Egyptian government May 16, on charges of espionage. As “Defendant 33,” Shahin received the sentence alongside over 120 defendants, including ousted president Mohammed Morsi, all of whom are[Read More…]

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