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Even at End of Act, the Play Continues

SENIOR VIEWPOINT Even at End of Act, the Play Continues By Tim Haggerty Courtesy Tim Haggerty Reflection: a mirror’s job? You’re not as interesting as you think,” they tell writers, and though the advice seems universally applicable, it is also a bit disingenuous. Readers, you see, don’t care about you[Read More…]

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Administrators Turning On Lights Too Soon

BY ALL ACCOUNTS Administrators Turning On Lights Too Soon Last Call Came Too Quickly, But at Least We Got What We Wanted By Tim Haggerty It’s the last round for University Registrar John Q. Pierce III and I in our epic bout over which courses I really want to take.[Read More…]

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PRESIDENTIAL SEARCH DeGioia Selected For Administrative, Managerial Talents

With more empty beds than ever, profits dwindling and recent budget cuts having cost almost 200 employees their jobs, university officials turned to an outsider to stabilize the Medical Center’s financial operations. Kenneth D. Bloem was named Medical Center CEO in 1996, and he brought to the job a Harvard[Read More…]

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Bells Tolled, Reflections Resonated

The chimes sound at noon, and we stop everything. Stop everything but our thoughts. Full of questions, at a loss for answers. Ring. Where were you when it happened? Some of us were in class, temporarily insulated from the news by literary discussions, economic computations and theological lectures. Lessons that[Read More…]

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GU Life GU Faces Time of Crisis As Community

GU Life GU Faces Time of Crisis As Community By Tim Haggerty Hoya Staff Writer Charles Nailen/The Hoya The billows of smoke could be clearly seen from Georgetown’s campus, as in this view from the Village A rooftops 15 minutes after the crash of American Airlines Flight 77. Employees of[Read More…]

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Community Celebrates Second Georgetown Day

Charles Nailen/The Hoya Students joust during Georgetown Day activities. Georgetown Day organizers billed Tuesday’s events as a showdown between “Hoya Blue” and “Saxa Gray.” But between the bright blue sky, the cyan water in Dahlgren fountain and the blue-stained tongues from cotton candy and snow cones, natural and artificial shades[Read More…]

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Con: Cellular Communication Inspires Intelligence, or Not

Between those hand-held pistols and that trans-galactic portal, Trekkies have established a fine history of gizmo manipulation. That’s why it came as only a mild shock last winter when an Internet technology news site revealed Star Trek enthusiasts’ latest plans: “Trekkie game players to use cell phones as `communicators.’” Ah,[Read More…]

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Policy, Not Politics Should Determine Paper’s Content

A newspaper has absolute discretion over everything that appears within its pages. How it uses that discretion determines what sort of newspaper it is. By targeting college newspapers with a provocative advertisement about slavery reparations, conservative columnist David Horowitz has asked campus journalists whether they run newspapers or political journals.[Read More…]

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O’Donovan Aims To Complete Goals

University President Leo J. O’Donovan, S.J., has six months of work planned for his last two months in office. The outgoing president may be the administrative equivalent of a second-semester senior, but he refuses to play the part. O’Donovan’s 11-year tenure will end on July 1 when Senior Vice President[Read More…]

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Everyone Loses When Housing Is Involved

Over in the business end of New South, the lights have been on a little later than usual these last few days. It has nothing to do with the action outside the windows, where mile-long steel poles are blasting into the ground. The employees at the Office of Housing and[Read More…]

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