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HARDING: Maintain Evolving Friendships

HARDING: Maintain Evolving Friendships

As a senior, I have had the true fortune of living with the same people for almost all of my time at Georgetown. I often consider my roommates to be family, especially because my biological family live on the opposite side of the country in Oregon. Undoubtedly, my friends have[Read More…]

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HARDING: Closing the Academic Gender Gap

HARDING: Closing the Academic Gender Gap

I had a revelation at the start of this semester. As I thought back on the courses I have taken during my time as a government major at Georgetown University, I realized that I have only ever been taught politics by old, white men. I mean that with all due[Read More…]

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HARDING: The 40 Percent

HARDING: The 40 Percent

When I first came to Georgetown, I had no clue what consulting was. I suspect many others were unfamiliar with the term as well. Still, with its prevalence at Georgetown, it did not take long for any of us to figure it out. Three years later, I still struggle to[Read More…]

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HARDING: Learning to Be Fearlessly Opinionated

HARDING: Learning to Be Fearlessly Opinionated

My life has often been a series of realizing what I should have said an hour too late. Perhaps this is why I write — and revise — instead of competing with Georgetown’s debate team. I have always tried to keep my biases and political opinions to a minimum, particularly[Read More…]

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Recruitment is taking place in the fall instead of the spring for the first time this year after investment banks moved up their recruitment season and other firms followed suit.

Students Adjust to Fall Recruitment Shift

Upperclassman students were met by an earlier recruitment process when they returned to campus this fall, as the annual recruiting cycle for jobs and internships at financial institutions and many consulting firms moved from the spring semester to the fall semester for the first time. In previous years, recruiters from[Read More…]

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Students Face Move-In Issues

Students returned to uncleaned apartments, water leaks, mold and broken furniture during the early move-in period last week, which left some students in temporary housing as they waited for their accommodations to be prepared. Beginning with students who moved in early for pre-orientation programs, New Student Orientation advisor training and[Read More…]

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The Facebook page Unsung Heroes, which seeks to increase recognition for Georgetown’s workers, has featured 11 posts, including food and service worker at Einstein Bagels Co. Frankie Carper.

Unsung Heroes Looks to Recognize Georgetown Workers

With the mission of increasing recognition for Georgetown’s workers, Facebook page Unsung Heroes captures their personal stories through videos and photography on its Facebook page, which has gained more than 1000 followers since its April 1 launch. Sponsored by the Clinton Global Initiative University, the page has featured eleven posts[Read More…]

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Mo Elliethee

GU Politics Reflects on Transformative Inaugural Year

As the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service approaches the end of its inaugural year on campus, its leaders, fellows and student participants reflect on the institute’s accomplishments since it opened its doors in August 2015. In the past year, the institute, an affiliate of the McCourt School of Public[Read More…]

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University Bookstore Switches Vendors To Barnes & Noble

University Bookstore Switches Vendors To Barnes & Noble

The Georgetown University Bookstore will switch vendors from Follett to Barnes & Noble when the university’s contract with Follett expires at the end of June 2016. The decision to switch from Follett, which has been the bookstore’s vendor for the past 20 years, came after a year of deliberation by[Read More…]

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O’Malley Talks Presidential Campaign, Political Strategy

Former 2016 Democratic presidential candidate and Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley spoke on his campaign and career — and played some guitar — with Huffington Post Senior Politics Editor Sam Stein and Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service Executive Director Mo Elleithee (SFS ’94) in McShain Lounge on Tuesday night. The[Read More…]

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