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ALBUM: ’25’

ALBUM: ’25’

In the world of pop mega-stardom, there exists perhaps no greater challenge than the third studio album. While an artist’s first two albums lay the groundwork for a sound that will — hopefully — attract the masses, the third record is burdened with the task of evolving that sound and[Read More…]

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Album Review: ‘Confident’

★★★★☆ Products of the Disney Channel star-manufacturing machine always seem to have a tough time transitioning into full-blown adult celebrities, much less respectable artists. Rather than shy away from this inevitable transition, the Mouse House alumnae who have paved the way, including Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and most recently Miley[Read More…]

The arrival of the fall season brings a new hoard of characters, including (from left to right, Priyanka Chopra in ABC spy drama “Qauntico,” Melissa Benoist in “Supergirl” and Emma Roberts in “Scream Queens.”

Fall TV Preview

After a summer dedicated to binge-watching throwbacks on Netflix including “Gilmore Girls” and “Friday Night Lights” and mourning the end of critical darlings like “Mad Men,” every television critic and fanatic’s favorite time of the year has arrived: fall TV season. Over the past few years, the hype surrounding this[Read More…]