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The Academic Value of Vulgarity

The Academic Value of Vulgarity

My U.S. literary history course deals very heavily with issues of race and culture in 20th-century America, and much of this discourse has been generated from works written by African-American authors. We have read Richard Wright, James Baldwin and Toni Morrison, among others. Oftentimes the discussion has been fraught with[Read More…]

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Automation to Render Us Unemployed

A plethora of stories that cover the shifting landscape of technology moving into the future has been released lately, discussing how that could affect the way we approach a basic category of economic thrust: human capital. A Financial Times report suggests that up to 47 percent of jobs, especially at the more[Read More…]

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It’s Time to Rethink the Classroom

It’s Time to Rethink the Classroom

It’s a horse that has been beaten to death, but we continue to resurrect it: The United States spends more on public education than any other developed nation, and yet it lags behind in key metrics of performance. Much of the policy debate still grapples over spending on K-12 education:[Read More…]

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Affirmative Action Can Effect Better Change

Affirmative action admissions decisions have come under scrutiny from the public and the press, resulting in a number of higher-level judicial decisions. Some institutions, such as those in the University of California system, have done away with affirmative action altogether, rekindling an age-old debate. Simply put, affirmative action policies seek[Read More…]

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