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Stars Prove Less Than Stellar in Concert: Amplify

Canadian baroque-pop band Stars returned to the 9:30 Club on Sunday night after two years. While the band played a few  favorites to please their older fans, more than half of their set was tracks from their latest album, The North, whose 44 minutes consist of mostly forgettable tracks interspersed with[Read More…]

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State of the Race

State of the Race

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Truman Scholar Helps Along the Border

Joanna Foote (SFS ’13) has many reasons to smile. A veteran volunteer at immigrant shelters around the country, she is Georgetown’s most recent winner of the Truman Scholarship, a highly competitive federal scholarship awarded to students with exceptional leadership and commitment to community service. After taking a leave of absence last[Read More…]

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University, ANC Request Extension of Campus Plan Process

The university and several neighborhood organizations have jointly requested that the D.C. Zoning Commission delay the deadline for filings in the 2010 Campus Plan process by 60 days. The university, along with representatives of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E, the Citizens Association of Georgetown and the Burleith Citizens Association, signed the request, which was announced[Read More…]

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Suarez Shows Sportsmanship Still Has Room to Improve

From the earliest of ages and in all sports, before scoring titles and league MVPs, there come sportsmanship awards: symbols of hard work, competitiveness, fair play and courteous conduct. For too many, however, these trophies are received as mere glorified effort awards, given to those who try to succeed but[Read More…]

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Fostering a Culture of Generosity

To the Editor: I write in response to the editorial entitled “Right Idea, Wrong Donors” (The Hoya, A2, Feb. 23, 2012). This editorial not only misses the point of the university’s current capital campaign completely but also uses at least somewhat questionable claims about the university’s financial sensitivity to back up[Read More…]

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A Deeper Diversity

For most of its history, the majority of American higher education has been segregated by law or custom on the basis of gender, religion, national origin or race and ethnicity.  The reason is simple: Americans on the whole have never believed that everyone should be educated. This is true even[Read More…]

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Italy Loves Its Wrinkles

As entertaining as the “Real Housewives” television series is — I admit, I thoroughly enjoy it at times — I worry for the protagonists. Most of these women have lost the ability to show their emotions and are left instead with just one expression in order to whisper, cry, laugh,[Read More…]

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Trending Now: Satirical Self-Portrait

In the age of Facebook and Twitter, we are all small-scale celebrities. Such portals convert us into our own personal PR managers, constantly thinking about our images and how others perceive us. But there’s another side to the age of social media that perplexes me: our need to make fun[Read More…]

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Magazine Hopes to Involve LGBTQ Community

Hoping to make the publication a more permanent fixture on campus, the LGBTQ Resource Center will sponsor and publish the university’s LGBTQ-focused magazine this year. Students are invited to submit artwork, photography, poetry and other creative media to the publication, which is called The Zine. This year’s issue will be published in April. “The general[Read More…]

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