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Nick Timiraos (COL ’06)

To paraphrase the pamphlet that he handed out to students on the last day of class, “something really different” was around in Fr. James Schall’s, S.J., classes. Among some of my favorite lessons that Fr. Schall imparted: that some things are more important than others and we should set our minds to figuring out the[Read More…]

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From Fourth-Grade Candy Sales to the Corp’s CEO

Hoya Staff Writer Friday, May 19, 2006 Lindsay Anderson/The Hoya Jon Carpenter Ever since his first foray into business in the fourth grade, Jon Carpenter (MSB ’06) says he’s been interested in the way companies operate. It all started with Buy and Save, his business enterprise that sold candy, film[Read More…]

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Professors Criticize New SFS Hire Feith

Hoya Staff Writer Friday, May 19, 2006 The appointment of a former Bush administration official to the School of Foreign Service faculty has drawn objections from a growing group of Georgetown professors who oppose policies promoted by the appointee and question the legitimacy of the hiring process. The university announced[Read More…]

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Following the Path in Pursuit of the Story

Pasha C. Chandra/The Hoya Nick Timiraos (COL ’06) keeps a cool head in the editor in chief’s office. I’ve been lucky. You might know the feeling – it’s that sense that you’ve had good fortune too many times in a row and that your run could be up soon. After[Read More…]

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Alumnus Accuses State of Prejudice

A Georgetown alumnus is suing the State Department to challenge its 20-year ban on HIV-positive individuals from entering the Foreign Service. Lorenzo Taylor (SFS ’79) alleges that he was unfairly denied appointment as a Foreign Service officer in 2002 after he passed the requisite Foreign Service examinations. “Lorenzo Taylor is[Read More…]

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Same Old Story From Living Wage

THE HOYA published a gripping, New York Post-style cover photo last Friday of Department of Public Safety officers physically restraining a student protester from entering a meeting in New South. When it comes to publicity, the Living Wage Coalition knows how to get the job done. Whether it was last[Read More…]

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Time’s Up For Early Admissions

In the next two weeks thousands of anxious high school seniors will hear back from their supposed first-choice college if they applied under early admissions programs. Two types of early admissions programs offer high-schoolers the chance to know if they’re “in” before Christmas. “Early action” programs provide students with non-binding[Read More…]

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Lombardi Receives Record Donation

The Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center received a $9.6 million donation, the largest in the center’s history, the university announced yesterday. The gift came from the estate of philanthropist Charlotte G. Gragnani, who died on Feb. 25, 2004, at the age of 91. Gragnani’s husband, the late Francis L. Gragnani, was[Read More…]

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Demand the Best From Your Newspaper

In my last issue as THE HOYA’s editor in chief, I want to encourage our readers to think about what they want from campus media at Georgetown. THE HOYA is not an editors’ newspaper. It exists primarily for the students, not its editors. It exists for the faculty, the staff,[Read More…]

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Georgetown Deserves an Independent Newspaper

In looking back at our last 85 years with this issue, which comes 85 years to the day that The Hoya was founded, it is both fitting and appropriate to take this opportunity to look at the future of Georgetown’s newspaper of record. The editors of The Hoya work diligently[Read More…]

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