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University Taking Steps to Ensure Student Safety After Criticism

Changes to the university’s student guard and officer training programs are among several new initiatives aimed at addressing safety concerns on campus this year. “Solving crime is important but what we want to do is reduce the number of cases,” David Morrell, vice president for university safety and security, said.[Read More…]

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Paralysis Can’t Change Heaphy’s Mission

Andreas Jeninga/The Hoya Rev. Dennis Heaphy, S.J. heads Jesuit Volunteers International and has been an inspiration to many, overcoming an accident that rendered him quadriplegic. Walk in his McCarthy Hall apartment and Dennis Heaphy’s eyes immediately light up. The energetic Georgetown chaplain-in-residence and executive director of Jesuit Volunteers International is[Read More…]

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All Bugged Out

Andreas Jeninga/The Hoya Cicadas have begun to emerge from beneath the ground, shedding their exoskeletons before beginning to fly. The bugs emerge en masse every 17 years. While many students have left Washington, the nation’s capital has prepared for an invasion of sorts. Cicadas, big bulgy insects about 1.5 inches[Read More…]

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‘News Room’ Built in Lauinger Library

Lauinger Library is not always a place that excites John Goodman (SFS ’06), but the Georgetown sophomore said he is pumped about Lauinger’s new Millennium News Room. Students can use the room, which was completely funded by alumni donations, as a quiet place to watch news coverage and other programs.[Read More…]

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Flyers Placed in Campus Publication

A report was filed with DPS Tuesday after anonymous flyers attacking liberals and minority groups were found in copies of The Fire This Time, an on-campus minority publication. Entitled “The Silent Majority,” the flyers singled out homosexuals and minority groups by saying that they “only suck the system and step[Read More…]

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Historian Recounts D-Day

The Delta Phi Epsilon Fraternity House on Prospect Street was packed Monday evening as renowned historian Sir Martin Gilbert discussed D-Day and the challenges American and British forces faced in its planning. Gilbert, the official biographer of Winston Churchill and the author of more than 70 books, has been referred[Read More…]

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UIS Addresses E-Mail Issues

University Information Systems held a town hall meeting on onday afternoon following rising frustration about instabilities and outages within Georgetown’s e-mail network during the past several weeks. The meeting gave UIS an opportunity to share the challenges they have been faced with, and the steps they are taking to counteract[Read More…]

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Two Students Pursued, Assaulted on Campus

Two Students Pursued, Assaulted on Campus By Moises Mendoza Special to The Hoya Two Georgetown students were assaulted early Sunday morning according to a broadcast e-mail sent by the Department of Public Safety on Tuesday afternoon. According to DPS, the incident began when one of the students was struck by[Read More…]

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Kerry Leads Race For Catholic Voters

As political discourse for the upcoming presidential election heats up, 45 percent of Catholics said they support John Kerry and 41 percent said they prefer George W. Bush, according to a recent survey conducted by Georgetown’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate. The study also found that 10 percent[Read More…]

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Broken Air Conditioner Causes E-Mail Outage

serious e-mail outage lasting over eight hours and affecting all GUMail e-mail addresses from 4 p.m. to midnight on Tuesday. In a broadcast e-mail sent to the university community Wednesday afternoon, Beth Ann Bergsmark, director of Academic and Information Technology Services for University Information Services, blamed the failure of an[Read More…]

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