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| Employees of Georgetown's central heating and cooling plant met with university administrators March 19.

University Considers Private Partnership for Energy Services

Georgetown University administrators are exploring private partnerships to handle the university’s energy management, a process leading to concerns from workers in the utilities and energy program about their job stability and employment benefits. “While there are no new partnerships to speak of at this time, the University is beginning to[Read More…]

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SAMUEL NELSON/THE HOYA | Ryan O'Sullivan's (MSB '19) Snapchat post containing racial slurs was publicly exposed on Twitter in January 2017, but he remained an employee at the East Campus Residence Hall Office for nearly two years after the incident.

University Response to Bias Incident Frustrates Students

The practice of calling out offensive speech on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook has raised the stakes of having a digital footprint — not only for individuals who express bigotry, but also for the institutions responsible for holding them accountable. Screenshots of Ryan O’Sullivan’s (MSB ’19) Snapchat posts[Read More…]

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SAMUEL NELSON/THE HOYA | Participants at listening sessions expressed concern on DOE proposals for narrowing the definition of sexual misconduct and raising the standard of proof in Title IX hearing processes, among other issues.

University Releases Draft Comment on Title IX Proposals

The Georgetown community can now review the draft of the university’s comment to the U.S. Department of Education regarding proposed Title IX reforms. Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson and Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Equity Rosemary Kilkenny shared the document in a Wednesday email and welcomed student[Read More…]

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DENNIS KIM FOR THE HOYA | Campus student group Students Taking Action Against Interpersonal Violence held a town hall Tuesday addressing concerns about the U.S. Department of Education's proposed changes to Title IX regulations, including the redefinition of sexual harassment.

University Administrators Address Title IX Concerns at Town Hall

Georgetown University administrators rebuked proposed changes to Title IX regulations at a town hall hosted by Students Taking Action Against Interpersonal Violence, a campus student group dedicated to advocating against sexual misconduct, on Tuesday. On Nov. 16, the U.S. Department of Education released proposed changes to Title IX regulations that[Read More…]

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KIRK ZIESER/THE HOYA Several Facilities workers 
feel mistreated and bullied by their management, as two anonymous workers recount to The Hoya.

Facilities Workers Reveal Institutional Challenges

The smooth operations of Georgetown University’s maintenance rely on employees of the Office of Planning and Facilities Management to respond to work requests. Yet several of these workers feel overworked, underpaid and unprotected against mistreatment by their management team. Under a new trade-based work delegation, facilities workers have faced a[Read More…]

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AMANDA VAN ORDEN/THE HOYA Al Castillo (SFS '22) has found spaces to represent himself at Georgetown.

Trans, Nonbinary Students Forge Spaces Despite Difficulties

For Al Castillo (SFS ’22), Georgetown felt like a chance to finally represent himself in his honest form. “When I was in high school, I presented myself as a girl — that was who I was,” said Castillo, who uses he/him pronouns. “Now, I was able to present myself as[Read More…]

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MAGGIE CHEN FOR THE HOYA Tuesday night's midterm election garnered a mixed response from students at Georgetown University Institute of Politics and Public Service's watch party in the HFSC. GUCR and GUCD also co-hosted the event

Across Party Lines, Students See Victory in Split Election

A pile of stickers lay on a table in the Healey Family Student Center, reading “friends don’t let friends miss elections” and “civically engaged AF.” Hand-drawn maps, depicting where students voted, either via absentee ballot or in person, surrounded the room. A mock polling station, where students could predict election[Read More…]

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ASHLEY CHEN FOR THE HOYA Hate-based crimes, criminal offenses committed against victims because of their identity, increased by 275 percent at Georgetown, according to the university's Annual Security Report. Fifteen hate crimes were reported on campus in 2017, an increase from four in 2016.

Hate Crimes Surge at Georgetown in 2017

Hate crimes increased by 275 percent on Georgetown University’s campus, according to the university’s 2018 Annual Security Report. U.S. Department of Education’s Clery Act defines a hate crime as “a criminal offense that manifests evidence that the victim was intentionally selected because of the perpetrator’s bias against the victim.” The[Read More…]

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GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY Center for Multicultural Equity and Access Director Charlene Brown-McKenzie (C '95) (left) facilitated a panel of Community Scholars Program alumni at an event honoring the program's 50th anniversary Oct. 5.

Community Scholars Program Celebrates 50 Years

Since the Community Scholars Program was first proposed in 1964, it has grown from a small, faculty-funded program supporting five local students to a large institutional presence serving at least 50 new students from across the United States each year. The program is celebrating 50 years since its official creation[Read More…]

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In Limbo: The International Experience on the Hilltop

In Limbo: The International Experience on the Hilltop

Jetlagged from a 12-hour flight and lugging two 50-pound suitcases behind her, Rachelle Bonja (SFS ’20) had finally made it to the United States. Growing up in Aleppo, Syria, Bonja, arrived alone in Washington, D.C. with no phone, no credit card and no idea how to get to Georgetown University[Read More…]

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