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GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY | Alliances in international relations will remain necessary to U.S. foreign policy going forward, according to former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

US Military Must Learn From Past Mistakes, Hagel Says

The military can counter domestic social injustices and correct foreign policy mistakes by increasing accountability and responsibility within its leadership, former Secretary of Defense and former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) said April 24. Hagel spoke at a fireside chat, an informal conversation sponsored by the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs[Read More…]

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Yellen Underscores Importance of Job Creation for Stable Economy

Creating jobs for younger Americans is crucial to the successful future of the economy, former Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Janet Yellen said April 15. Yellen emphasized developing appropriate monetary policy and ensuring a stable financial system in the wake of the crisis-inducing economic[Read More…]

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COURTESY KRISTIN ADAIN  | Halim Flowers, who published 11 books while serving a jail sentence, took government and philosophy classes with the Georgetown Prison Scholars Program beginning in January 2018. He was released March 22.

GU Prison Scholar Released After 22 Years

Halim Flowers, a Washington, D.C. local who took Georgetown University courses through the Georgetown Prison Scholars Program while incarcerated, was released from D.C. Jail on March 21 after serving 22 years. Flowers began serving his 40-years-to-life sentence at 17 years old after being convicted as an accessory to murder. He[Read More…]

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GUSA | Outdoor Education, the performing arts advisory council, Students Activities Commission and the Georgetown University Student Association executive experienced the largest budget cuts at the conclusion of the appeals process March 17.

Appeals Process Ends; Student Groups See Significant Budget Cuts

Student group Outdoor Education appealed for $3,800 more in funds after expressing safety concerns over training during the Georgetown University Student Association Finance and Appropriations Committee’s deliberations on the final budget plan March 17. The committee held a public appeals session on March 13 and 17. Of the 13 student[Read More…]

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NICOLA STURGEON: TWITTER First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon said that Scottish concerns are often disregarded in the parliament of the United Kingdom.

Scottish First Minister Calls for Referendum on Independence

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon called for a second referendum on Scottish independence from the United Kingdom at an event hosted by the School of Foreign Service on Monday. Sturgeon renewed calls for Scottish independence because of rifts between the Scottish and British Parliaments exacerbated by differing views on Brexit.[Read More…]

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FILE PHOTO: CAROLINE PAPPAS/THE HOYA The Washington, D.C. Council voted Tuesday to override a veto by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) on proposed legislation that would reduce the penalty for failing to pay for travel on the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

DC Council Overrides Bowser Veto on Fare Evasion Bill

The Washington, D.C. Council overrode a Jan. 16 veto by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) on a bill that would downgrade the penalty for fare evasion, or failing to pay for travel on the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, on Tuesday. Enacted in 1978, current D.C. Metro fare evasion law[Read More…]

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KIRK ZIESER/THE HOYA undergraduate students will be able to pursue minors in the college starting in the fall of 2019 after a vote of the SFS School Council.

SFS School Council Grants Final Approval for Cross-School Minors

The School of Foreign Service’s School Council voted unanimously to permit undergraduates to pursue any two minors or certificates offered by the university, beginning this fall. The School Council, which oversees SFS educational policy, passed the proposal Jan. 17. The School Council vote was the final approval needed after the[Read More…]

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JULIA ALVEY/THE HOYA | Laura Kovach, former director of the Georgetown University Women's Center, left her position Oct. 5. Jeanne Lord, associate vice president and dean of students, will serve as interim director.

GU Women’s Center Continues Search for Permanent Director

The Georgetown University Women’s Center has yet to secure a permanent replacement for former Director Laura Kovach three months after she vacated her position Oct. 5. Kovach worked for the women’s center for over a decade. Under Kovach’s leadership, the center established the Biondi Copeland Lecture Series, which recognizes the[Read More…]

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Class of 2023 Early Action Admissions Rate Reaches Record Low

Georgetown University offered admission to 11.78 percent of applicants through its early action program, a record low even as the number of early applications fell from last year’s record high. Georgetown accepted 919 students of the total 7,802 early action applicants to the class of 2023, a decrease from last[Read More…]

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RYAN BAE/THE HOYA The School of Foreign Service Faculty Council’s Nov. 30 vote in favor of allowing SFS undergraduates to pursue minors in the Georgetown College is pending approval, but anticipated to pass, according to SFS Dean Daniel Byman.

SFS Faculty Vote to Allow Students to Pursue College Minors

The School of Foreign Service announced its undergraduates will be able to minor in disciplines within Georgetown College as part of an interschool collaborative effort Dec. 6. The announcement comes after the SFS Faculty Council voted in favor of the policy Nov. 30. The council’s vote awaits approval by the[Read More…]

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