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Seize Your Syllabus Week

Seize Your Syllabus Week

I don’t know if the people at Tackle Box during happy hour feel the same way, but this is one of the most important weeks of the semester for me. One of the best presents Georgetown gives to its students is the add/drop period at the beginning of each semester,[Read More…]

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No Debating Close-Mindedness

This campaign season has been characterized by a lack of meaningful consideration of the other side. Blame it on news and social media selling us what we want to hear, or convince yourself that you grew up in solidly Democrat or Republican households. There is no excuse — Georgetown students[Read More…]

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Cheaters Follow the Script

One of my professors asked my class last week what we thought about the Harvard cheating scandal, in which 125 students plagiarized or collaborated on a take-home final exam. We were unanimous in our response: Yes, cheating goes on at Georgetown and probably every college campus. It surprised me that[Read More…]

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Making Light of Stereotypes

The “S*** ____ Say” (from here on out, “stuff”) videos currently circulating the Internet have been wonderfully entertaining. Despite how funny they can be, the videos bring to mind the more serious issue of stereotypes. The videos adopt a social group’s lexicon, exaggerating the stereotypes in a way that is[Read More…]

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Our Generation’s Various Distractions Shape the Future

We are our own unique generation. In fact, we are a generation that’s at the crux of changing technology and social patterns. But more than anything else, we are a generation distracted. We are so distracted that musicians must accommodate our interest in song, dance and fashion simultaneously: Justin Bieber[Read More…]

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Hitting the Books: A Library’s Purpose

If Georgetown were suspended on its own, as a microcosm without the rest of the world looming outside the front gates, we would probably go to the library for fun. We would pick up books at random about whatever piqued our imaginations, just like little kids play with toys and[Read More…]

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Caught Up in the Rush

Georgetown breeds political minds — at least its reputation says it does. It makes sense that an institution in the heart of the nation’s capital infuses politics, pragmatism, steadfastness and determination into the campus environment. Haven’t you had that awkward moment when your friend visits and gawks at the kids[Read More…]

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Brooks Argues for Modesty in Today’s Self-Absorbed World

Brooks Argues for Modesty in Today’s Self-Absorbed World

Renowned author and columnist for The New York Times David Brooks spoke about modesty’s value for this generation in front of an overcrowded Copley Formal Lounge Monday night. Although known as a prominent political commentator, Brooks avoided partisan remarks Monday in the talk held by the Tocqueville Forum. He spent[Read More…]

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SFS to Found Undergraduate Fellowship

The School of Foreign Service plans to offer undergraduate students a way to delve deeper into the curriculum through the Mortara Undergraduate Research Fellow program starting next semester. With the help of the Dean’s Leadership Fund, fellows will be paid $9 per hour to research, collaborating with faculty for semester-long[Read More…]

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Professor Tapped for Health Council

School of Nursing and Health Studies professor Laura Anderko will soon be working toward a cure forD.C.’s health care problems as part of a new position on the District’s Regional Health Equity Council. Anderko was nominated by the Region III Health Equity Council for the National Partnerships for Action to End Health Disparities, an[Read More…]

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