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Reflecting on Kitsch and Kilts

At home, on weekends, during snow days, or really whenever the mood strikes her, my mom will wake us up by singing. Some days she’s Glinda the Good Witch beckoning her munchkins to get up and “meet the young lady who fell from a star”. Other days we’ll wake up[Read More…]

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Power of Poetry Unites

She said “I loved you like my favorite armchair” and the room fell silent. Her voice grew louder and louder and her pace quicker and quicker as if the words were burning inside her and she needed to spit them out. The room temperature was coming to a boil. There[Read More…]

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A Semester of Arts and Ingenuity in Edinburgh

While writing this column, I’m currently sitting at the epicenter of an explosion of clothes in my childhood bedroom. The collage of photographs, magazine cut-outs and concert tickets plastering my walls, in combination with the overflowing pile of ancient travel books and European pocket change on my desk, only adds[Read More…]

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Soundtracks to Heat Up the Semester

Soundtracks to Heat Up the Semester

Haim – Days Are Gone Los Angeles indie sweethearts — two sisters and their drummer friend — Haim ran the UK festival circuit this summer, finishing just in time for the release of their debut album, Days Are Gone, on Sept. 30. The album is a fusion of iconic California sounds such as bubbling beach[Read More…]

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Alpine Expression

Every morning I wake up in a different European city, depending on which direction I’m facing and how tangled I am in my sheets. If I’ve had a bad dream or I’m particularly restless, I’ll wake up at the foot of my bed between the breathtaking Geneva postcard sent to[Read More…]

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Let the Festivals Begin

Like Yeasayer, I couldn’t wait for the summer. The freedom, the sunshine, the long bike rides to nowhere and the anticipation of adventures to come seemed to be just what I needed after an intense freshman year. In the spirit of spontaneity, my friend and I hopped in the car the other[Read More…]

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Redefining Folk

“Asking only workman’s wages, I come looking for a job … ” Marcus Mumford’s rollicking voice climbs out of our Honda stereo and into the muggy D.C. morning air. Traffic down Georgia Avenue is worse now than I’ve ever seen it: This once-direct route to Metro Center has become a[Read More…]

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