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Cultural Appropriation Hits the Mainstream

At this point, writing an article about cultural appropriation and race in pop music, specifically within hip-hop, is nothing new. Images of Miley twerking, Taylor Swift attempting to twerk, and Katy Perry and countless other pop icons mainstreaming black aesthetics punctuate our recent cultural consciousness. Arguments about “blackness” in hip-hop[Read More…]

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Seeing and Feeling Live Music

On the night of its Tuesday album release, Alabama-born, Philadelphia-raised Waxahatchee brought a new breed of intimate punk to Black Cat. Waxahatchee, the newest indie-music incarnation of lo-fi darling Katie Crutchfield, captivated the crowd with raw lyrics, balanced against a backdrop of pounding rock. Named for the creek near Crutchfield’s[Read More…]

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Making the Mundane Extraordinary

Courtney Barnett is the quotidian lyricist our generation needs, although we certainly don’t deserve her. With deadpan wit and rambling, 1990s grunge-soaked style, Australian singer-songwriter Barnett captures everyday life in “Depreston,” the first single off of her debut rollicking full-length album “Sometimes I Sit, and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit.”[Read More…]

Cabaret Reveals School Music Scene

From the perspective of someone who cannot match a pitch to save her life and who is completely outside of the elusive Georgetown music scene, Georgetown Cabaret was nothing short of a musical revelation. The name, idea and concept of Cabaret — I’m a junior and had only heard whispers[Read More…]

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Sia Shakes Things Up

For an event that is self-proclaimed, marketed, branded and sold to audiences worldwide as “music’s biggest night,” the Grammy Awards are only somewhat about music. The formula for the Grammys, and the plethora of other entertainment awards ceremonies during the winter awards season, is fairly unwavering, save for a few[Read More…]

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The Music Muse

I was sitting in a coffee shop above another coffee shop on a street lined with coffee shops when a man from Detroit came onto the speakers. Americana folk music mixed with the familiar whirl of the espresso machine and soft chatter of my neighboring caffeine fanatics filled the room[Read More…]

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The End of a Bittersweet Experience

Nearly two weeks ago, I’d come out of a horrible fever, and Scotland had changed entirely. With my head no longer throbbing, I headed down to the city center for some fresh air with two of my flat mates. Construction workers and tourists filled the streets as the sound of[Read More…]

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Home is Where the Hoyas Are

The people I meet studying abroad come in many different servings. Some, in the infamous words of Patrick Bateman in “American Psycho,” are single-serving friends, whose paths cross mine only for a brief moment, on an airplane or in a cafe, for instance, before fishtailing off again. Others are defined[Read More…]

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A City Haunted by its Past

I pass at least four dead men on my way to class every morning, the number varying by the route I take. If I take the long way, looping around Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, past the spires of St. Giles’ Cathedral, I glimpse the likes of Adam Smith and David Hume,[Read More…]

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European Art Delights

Halfway through the second act, amid the browbeating and emotional turmoil that comes with this kind of existential crisis, my gaze shifted to the ceiling. Hidden high above the stage lights, far from the absurdist nihilism playing out down below, were the soaring vaults and arches of the neo-Gothic cathedral.[Read More…]

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