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America’s Failing Feminism

When Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers came to campus to discuss her vision of feminism based on equality and the freedom of each sex to do as it chooses last week, the Sexual Assault Peer Education program protested her presence. It emailed its members stating that “an extremist anti-feminist speaker that[Read More…]

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CARR: The Latent Cost of Government Red Tape

Last week, the Trentelmans, a family in Ogden, Utah, assembled a fort in their yard made of cardboard boxes. It had everything a child could possibly want — tunnels, a trap door, towers and even a slide. The fort was intended to be a temporary construction, providing a few days[Read More…]

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When Talking Change, Keep Costs Low

GUSA and various student organizations are pushing for a large and diverse set of objectives that have one thing in common — all would increase costs. There’s no such thing as a free lunch; demands need to be contextualized and responsibly balanced before students agree to write a blank check[Read More…]

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CARR: Increase Opportunity, Not Wages

No one should be treated better than the people that feed us. As much as Georgetown students love to complain about Leo’s, as freshmen and sophomores we bond over shared meals at our beloved O’Donovan’s on the Waterfront. Upperclassmen not lucky enough to be SEALs (or, “Seniors Eating At Leo’s,”[Read More…]

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CARR: The Anti-Science Debate

CARR: The Anti-Science Debate

Few labels carry the weight and popular ridicule that accompanies the “anti-science” label. Being “anti-science” is akin to pre-Enlightenment backwardness and indicates an individual should not be taken seriously by polite society. Unfortunately, what it means to be “anti-science” has evolved, especially when discussing climate change. The Republican Party has[Read More…]

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CARR: Engage in a Relevant Pro-Life Discussion

CARR: Engage in a Relevant Pro-Life Discussion

This past weekend, our campus hosted the largest student-run pro-life conference of its kind, the 16th Annual Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life. Georgetown students brought in speakers from different backgrounds to address the morality of abortion and other life issues. In response to the mere presence of pro-life activists on[Read More…]

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CARR: An Era Defined by Phantom Recession

CARR: An Era Defined by Phantom Recession

At the beginning of every year, pundits and commentators feel compelled to sum up the entire previous 12 months’ happenings into easily digestible tidbits largely for click-bait. Simplifying an entire year’s worth of events into a few hundred words is a large and unnecessary task, but they somehow still manage[Read More…]

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