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Ariana Grande’s impressive vocals bring real style to her album, and her powerful collaborations with other artists make it a sure success.

Album Review: ‘My Everything’

★★★★☆ After a stunning VMA performance and taking home her first Moonman for Best Pop Video, Ariana Grande (aka “Mini Mariah”) is just getting started on what promises to be an incredible career. She goes beyond the mold of your average millennial pop star because of one thing: her amazing[Read More…]


"Third Person" deals with the interweaving lives of many different characters, including those portrayed by Liam Neeson and Olivia Wilde.

Movie Review: ‘Third Person’

★★★☆☆ In his new cerebral drama “Third Person,” director Paul Haggis artistically tests the limits of how far we will go for love. With a style reminiscent of his Oscar-winning movie “Crash,” the film follows the lives of three couples in three major cities. The film opens as Michael (Liam[Read More…]


Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix star in the 1920s drama, "The Immigrant."

Movie Review: ‘The Immigrant’

“The Immigrant,” director James Gray’s spectral drama, gives the audience an insight into the side of 1920s New York City that is left out in the glitz and glamour of the likes of “The Great Gatsby.” Ewa Cybulski (Marion Cotillard) and her sister Magda (Angela Sarafyan) emigrate from Poland to[Read More…]

Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart

Elaine Ding (SFS ’15) sits in the Cawley Career Center surrounded by her peers, waiting for an information session to start. Similar to other Georgetown juniors, Ding is starting to consider her postgraduate options and has been actively taking advantage of the resources the university offers. Except, unlike most of her peers, Ding[Read More…]

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Louis De Tilly

Louis De Tilly

From humming songs on the radio as a toddler to contemplating the complexities of My Chemical Romance during his teen years, Louis De Tilly (COL ’16) has always had a deep appreciation for music. Now, with years of classical training and songwriting practice under his belt, he anticipates the release of his[Read More…]

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When Renting Goes Wrong

When Renting Goes Wrong

For juniors, the fall semester features a scramble to secure housing for senior year. After a flurry of house tours and phone calls, students must pick a new home, compete for a lease and hope for the best. But the reality of off-campus housing that students meet months later isn’t[Read More…]

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One for the Records

One for the Records

Six years after their last recording, the Phantoms returned to the music scene this summer with a new album, And the Livin’ Is Easy. On And the Livin’ Is Easy, released on iTunes on May 30, listeners will find tracks that showcase the Phantoms’ vocal strengths during their twists on popular hits ranging from Kings[Read More…]

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CULP Major Goes Musical

CULP Major Goes Musical

Mary Ellen Funke (SFS ’15) is your average Hoya with a twist: When she isn’t studying for her Culture and Politics major, she’s writing, recording and performing her own music. With the release of her first solo EP, Funke is gaining recognition as an artist. Beware: This singer-songwriter will melt your heart. How did you[Read More…]

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The Lone Ranger’ Blends Comedy and Humor in the Wild West

The Lone Ranger’ Blends Comedy and Humor in the Wild West

4.5/5 stars From director Gore Verbinski and producer JerryBruckheimer comes an adventure story fit to follow Pirates of the Caribbean: The Lone Ranger. The film’s basic cowboys and Indians storyline, based on the classic 1930sradio show, is reminiscent of the plot of a middle-school play, but supped-up for the big screen with A-list actors, a[Read More…]

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A Cappela Group Fights For Recognition

Vocal ensembles at Georgetown have a reputation of putting in hard work to showcase their undeniable talent. But the differences among our school’s a cappella groups go beyond the types of music they choose to perform. In the case of one emerging a cappella group, aCHORDance, its identity has been forming[Read More…]

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